March 15th, 2020 Bulletin

St. Andrew’s United Church

60 Athabasca Street East, Moose Jaw, SK, S6H 0L2

Telephone: 306-692-0533*E-mail:

Minister: Rev. Jim Tenford *Music Director: Karen Purdy

Welcome to Sunday Morning Worship

March 15th, 2020 * 10:30 am



“St. Andrew’s United Church is a progressive worshiping community

dedicated to spiritual growth, caring, and inclusivity that is providing

outreach to the community and the world”

Large print bulletins available for those with visual and audio difficulties. Please see a greeter for a copy.

Leader reads plain text; people respond at bold text.

*Congregation please stand, as each is able at the places marked *.

Words of Welcome, Introduction of Guests & Minute Speak

Celebration Box:

Congratulations to you, May the dear Lord bless you

May God’s special blessing, Descend upon you.

Lighting of the Christ Candle

Call to Worship (adapted from Psalm 95)

May the love of God be with you all,

          And also with you.

Come, let us sing praises to our God,

          Let us join with all creation and make a joyful noise!

In faithful community we come to experience God’s presence,

          And give thanks for all God is doing.

For our God is great, our God is greater than all else we might be tempted to worship.

          God is the creator of mountains and seas,         creatures great and small, and we sing our      thanksgiving!

*Hymn:  VU# 820          “Make A Joyful Noise”

Opening Prayer:

Holy one, holy spirit, holy friend that accompanies us through this season of Lent, we pray that your presence is felt in our worship.  While we know that you are here, we pray that each person be a living sign, pointing to your grace.  We pray that every person hear a portion of Christ’s wisdom in the words that are spoken, a portion of your love in the welcome that is offered, and a portion of  your call, inviting us to respond with our faithfulness. We pray to you who is our mother and our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name.  Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil; for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen.

Time with God’s Children

*Hymn:  MV#144 “Like A Healing Stream”

Prayer of Contemplation and Confession

It is often too easy God to see the world as dangerous, to be avoided, to be discarded as unworthy.

          Yet it is through your love that this world is      created and it is therefore good.

It is often too easy God to divide your children up into good and bad, us and them, worthy and unworthy.

          Forgive us when we fail to see the spark of your        grace in the soul of all people.

It is often too easy God to assume that we know, at a quick glance, a person’s value and place.

          Forgive us when we jump to conclusions, judge         books by their covers rather than taking the    time to hear each others stories or offer the     benefit of the doubt.

When we divide humanity into us and them, we often find that we’ve also separated ourselves from God; we’ve extinguished our own light which we’ve been given to warm the souls of our neighbour.

Sung Response: MV#90  “Don’t Be Afraid”

Even if we turn from God, we can turn again and find that God has always been there, waiting for us, arms wide, offering an embrace of grace.

We are taught that Gods love is ours.  An inheritance that can never be lost.  We are blessed people.  Amen

Scripture Readings:

  • Exodus 17: 1-7 Pew Bible page no. 54

God shows the people of Israel that they are not alone

  • John 4:5-42       Pew Bible page nos. 791-792

Jesus speaking to a Samaritan woman

Scripture Response:

These are our words from scripture,

May God bless our understanding.  Amen


*Hymn: MV #117  “By The Well A Thirsty Woman”

(Tune from VU# 374)

Minute for Mission

Call to Offering

MV #191     “What Can I Do”

What can I do?   What can I bring?

          What can I say?  What can I sing?

I’ll sing with joy.     I’ll say a prayer

I’ll bring my love.    I’ll do my share.

Prayers of the People

*Hymn:   VU# 626                  “I Heard the Voice of Jesus”

Blessing and Sending

Welcome Guests & Visitors

St. Andrew’s United Church is always pleased to welcome our guests & visitors.   After the service, please join us in the Lounge & Court for fellowship & refreshments.


Notes of Thanks

Thank you to everyone who participated in today’s worship service.

Thank you to Brian & Sheila Leahy for sponsoring This Sunday’s bulletin cover. 


Special Notice:  Please remember that St. Andrew’s United is “Scent-Free”.

Prayer requests from Living Skies Region 4:

  • International Day for Elimination

of Racial Discrimination (March21)

  • Saskatoon: St. Thomas Wesley
  • Silton Smiley
  • Spiritwood Partners in Faith (SM)

Attendance: 56

Sunday, March 15th to March 22nd, 2020
Sun Mar. 15th 10:30a Worship Service,Sunday School,

Reader: Cathy Forester

Tues Mar. 17th   9:00a K J Quilters
11:30a Men’s Group
Wed Mar. 18th 10:00a Bible Study
  6:30p Choir Practice
Thur Mar. 19th   2:00p Coffee with Rev. Jim
Sun 10:30a Worship Service, Sunday School

Reader:  Lisa Veer

Church Internet Information

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Announcements from Zion United

Village Flea Market – Fri, Mar. 20, 1-6 p.m.,

Sat, Mar. 21, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Zion is looking for entries for their upcoming flea market.

$25/table or two for $40, maximum three tables.

Free Admission, collecting food bank items at door. Concession & Penny Parade Table.

For more info contact the church office at 306-692-3842.

AN Invitation

Zion’s group, Exploring Faith and Culture invites all interested persons to the Social Hall in Zion United Church on Thursday, April 2, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.

Gayle Jones, educator and world traveler will present a travelogue highlighting her visit to Morocco.

The presentation will provide a taste of the scenery and culture of present day Morocco, and will be followed by fellowship time with a sampling of food associated with Morocco.  A silver collection will be taken.

Caronport Classic Concert                   Sunday, April 5th, 2020