March 1st,2020 Bulletin

St. Andrew’s United Church

60 Athabasca Street East, Moose Jaw, SK, S6H 0L2

Telephone: 306-692-0533*E-mail:

Minister:  Rev. Jim Tenford *Music Director:  Karen Purdy

Welcome to Sunday Morning Worship

March 1st,2020 * 10:30 am




“St. Andrew’s United Church is a progressive worshiping community

dedicated to spiritual growth, caring, and inclusivity that is providing

outreach to the community and the world”


Large print bulletins available for those with visual and audio difficulties. Please see a greeter for a copy.


Leader reads plain text; people respond at bold text.

*Congregation please stand, as each is able at the places marked *.


Words of Welcome, Introduction of Guests & Minute Speak


Celebration Box:

Congratulations to you, May the dear Lord bless you

May God’s special blessing, Descend upon you.


Lighting of the Christ Candle


Call to Worship:

May the love of God be with you all!

            And also with you!

In The beginning was God’s love and wisdom;

            An energy that blossomed into creation, from things too small to see, to things too large to imagine.

We gather together to tap into that creative energy;

            To be in community with others who seek that love     and wisdom.

To explore how God is still active in the world, and how we can contribute to God’s creative energy.

            We come to worship through song, through devotion and in community.


*Hymn: VU# 296       “This is God’s Wondrous World”

Opening Prayer:

Loving and gracious God, today we enter into the season of Lent, anxious about what it is that you and the future hold for us.  Are we, as Jesus so long ago, beginning our journey to the cross?  What role do we play in the lives of those who seek to spread Christ’s message of divine grace? Do we have the courage to walk with Christ?  Be with us during this time of worship as well as the times we feel like we are lost in the wilderness. We pray to you who is our mother and our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name.  Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil; for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen.


Time with God’s Children


*Hymn:  VU# 115      “Jesus, Tempted In the Desert”


Prayer of Contemplation and Confession

Holy God, through all our days, you offer goodness and opportunity to live in community with you.

            Yet often we are distracted and tempted, we choose            paths which are easy, comfortable, or expected             rather than paths that are good, risky, and follow The             Way of Christ.

Holy God, your son is the bread of the world, offered so none may hunger

            Yet sometimes we try to horde that bread, letting our             fears of scarcity cause scarcity for our neighbours.’

Holy God, your son is the voice of wisdom, telling of your love and grace.

            Yet we sometimes seek out easy answers that benefit            ourselves and allow us to turn from others.

Holy God, you offer us wealth and power that is beyond comprehension,

            Yet we are tempted to turn from your power because           it is unfamiliar and instead cling to powers of      coercion, fear and division.

Prayer of Contemplation and Confession:  continued


When we answer temptations call to turn from God’s grace, we diminish the light of Christ we have all been given to carry.  (The first Lenten Candle is extinguished)


Sung Response: MV #90     “Don’t Be Afraid”


Words of Assurance

Into our lives God enters without condition.  God yearns for our love in return, yearns for us to live in glorious, holy, covenant but even when we turn away, are lost, or pretend not to hear, God’s love is still unending.

            God’s commitment to our covenant, God’s capacity             for love and forgiveness is not bound to our own limits       but is always more than we can imagine.  Thanks be             to God,                                              Amen.


Scripture Readings:

Genesis 2:15-17 & 3:1-7        Pew Bible page nos. 2 & 3

            The tree of knowledge of good and evil

Matthew 4: 1-11                   Pew Bible page no. 719    

            Jesus faces temptation in the wilderness


Scripture Response:

These are our words from scripture,

May God bless our understanding.  Amen




*Hymn:  MV# 157     “I Am A Child of God”

Minute for Mission

Call to Offering

Offertory:  VU# 542  “We Give You But Your Own”

     We give you but your own, what-e’er the gift may be

     All that we have is yours alone, we give it gratefully




Welcoming new members through the

Renewal of Baptismal faith and Baptism


Passing the Peace of Christ


On behalf of the congregation of St. Andrew’s United Church,

I present:

Antonio Henriquez Burgos

Francis Albany Rodriquez Campos

Karla Margareth Henriquez Lozada

Kerwin Herbert Jr. Sam

Deb Cotter

Juanita Elaine Modeland

Sheila Pickeling

Sharon Rolfes

David Staples

Lief Lundgren

Jessica McIntyre

who seek to reaffirm their baptisms

and join with this community of faith as we follow the

Way of Christ.


I also present Clay Caplette-Tarrant, child of Dustin and Krysta Caplette-Tarrant

for initiation into the body of Christ through baptism.


Profession of Faith and Promises

Do you believe in God, source of love,

in Jesus Christ, love incarnate,

And in the Holy Spirit, love’s power?

Response: I do, by the grace of God


Desiring the freedom of new life in Christ,

do you seek to resist evil, and to live in love and justice?

Response: I will, God being my helper.


Will you follow the way of Jesus Christ?

Response: I will, God being my helper.



Will you join with your siblings in this congregation

to share in the life, work, and ministry of Jesus Christ

Response: I will, God being my helper.


Spanish translation:

Crees en Dios, amor encarnado

En Jesucristo, amor encarnado

y en el espíritu santo ?

Ustedes responden: Lo hago, por la gracia de Dios.


Deseando la libertad del nuevo vivir en Cristo.

¿Buscas resistir el mal?, y vivir en amor y justicia?

respuesta: lo haré, Dios es mi ayudante.


¿Seguirás el camino de Jesucristo?

Respuesta: lo haré, Dios es mi ayudante.


¿Te unirás a tus hermanos en esta congregación para compartir la vida, el trabajo y el ministerio de Jesucristo?

Respuesta: Lo haré, Dios es mi ayudante.


Commitment of the congregation

Let us pledge to these people

our continued support and care.

We will continue to support you,

walk with you and grow with you.

With God’s help, we will live out our baptism

as a loving community in Jesus Christ;

nurturing one another in faith,

upholding one another in prayer,

encouraging one another in God’s work.


May the power of the Holy Spirit work within you,

that being born of water and the Spirit,

you may continue to be a faithful follower of Jesus Christ.









In baptism, we do not draw God’s attention to this child,

we do not cause God to love this child, for we have faith that God’s love is eternal.  Instead, through baptism we celebrate and re-affirm our commitment to participate in what God is already doing.


Commitment of the Parents

Dustin and Krysta, will you share your faith with Clay,

growing with him in faith, hope, and love?

We will, God being our helper.


Commitments of Godparents (Kelsey and Doug Engel)

Kelsey and Doug, recognizing that it takes many people to nurture the life of a child, will you support this family with work and prayer, as they grow together in faith.

We will, God being our helper.


Commitment of the Congregation

Let us pledge to this family our support and care.

As a baptized and baptizing people, we commit ourselves to support and uphold you as a community of faith.

May God grant us all the grace to live out our baptism.



Gracious and holy God, we give you thanks for the blessing of life, and with it, the gift of water.  Over its unshaped promise, your spirit hovered over creation.  By water, comes the growth of the earth.  Through water, you led your people from slavery to freedom.  In the waters of the Jordan your son Jesus was baptized by an unlikely prophet.  Now may your spirit be upon us and what we do here today – that this water may be a sign and symbol of the infinite possibilities of new life in Christ.  Amen

The Sacrament of Baptism


Hymn #884 You Shall Go Out With Joy


Blessing and Sending


Welcome Guests & Visitors

St. Andrew’s United Church is always pleased to welcome our guests & visitors.   After the service, please join us in the Lounge & Court for fellowship & refreshments.

Notes of Thanks

Thank you to everyone who participated in today’s worship service.

Thank you to Karen Mundt for sponsoring this Sunday’s bulletin cover. 


Special Notice:  Please remember that St. Andrew’s United is “Scent-Free”.


Prayer requests from Living Skies Region 4:

World Day of Prayer (March 6)

Rocanville United (SM) (Rocanville, Welwyn)

Saskatoon: St. Martin’s Shellbrook-Leask (Shellbrook)




  Attendance:  71




          Sunday March 1st to March 8th, 2020


Mar. 1st


Worship Service, Sunday School,

Membership & Baptism

Food Bank

Reader: Diane Milton Smith


Mar. 3rd


K J Quilters




M & P meeting


Mar. 4th


Bible Study








Choir Practice


Mar. 5th


Coffee with Rev. Jim


Mar. 7th


Piano Tuning


Mar. 8th


Worship Service, Sunday School

Reader:  Lisa Veer

St. Andrew’s College Sunday

Food Bank


Zion’s Village Flea Market – Fri, Mar. 20–1-6 p.m., Sat, Mar. 21–10 a.m. – 3 p.m.  Zion is looking for entries for their upcoming flea market.   Accepting application on a first come first basis, apply early to avoid disappointment.  $25/table or two for $40, maximum three tables.  Free Admission, collecting food bank items at door. Concession & Penny Parade Table. For more info please contact the church office at 306-692-3842.