March 8th,2020 Bulletin

St. Andrew’s United Church

60 Athabasca Street East, Moose Jaw, SK, S6H 0L2

Telephone: 306-692-0533*E-mail:

Minister:  Rev. Jim Tenford *Music Director:  Karen Purdy

Welcome to Sunday Morning Worship

March 8th, 2020 * 10:30 am

St. Andrew’s College Sunday with Richard Manley-Tannis


“St. Andrew’s United Church is a progressive worshiping community

dedicated to spiritual growth, caring, and inclusivity that is providing

outreach to the community and the world”

Large print bulletins available for those with visual and audio difficulties. Please see a greeter for a copy.

Leader reads plain text; people respond at bold text.

*Congregation please stand, as each is able at the places marked *.

Words of Welcome, Introduction of Guests & Minute Speak

Celebration Box:

Congratulations to you, May the dear Lord bless you

May God’s special blessing, Descend upon you.

Lighting of the Christ Candle


Call to Worship:

We gather in this place to connect with our Creator. We pray for our community and the world as we turn to God to give us strength for service.

Here will we name our fears, our failings –

and our hopes and dreams for the future.

In this time together, may we see God’s abundant gifts and prepare to share them lavishly in the world, carrying them forward into God’s future.

Opening Prayer:

Holy One, through Jesus’ example, we choose to give thanks today for the gifts that you give. You have found ways to show us, again and again, your extravagant generosity. May we so fully experience you and your abundance that we respond by wildly sowing the seeds of your love. Amen.

*Hymn:  MV# 12           “Come Touch our Hearts”

Prayer of Confession

Let us come before our forgiving God, sharing that which keeps us apart – from our Creator and ourselves:

Provider God, we come before you recognising that you are continually generous, yet we lament what we think is missing and we are often grudging in our own plans for the future. At times we doubt your promise and we fail to hear your call to sow the seeds we hold tightly – for fear that we will not personally see them come to life. Forgive us O God, when we do not remember the things you have done, or believe our ‘fortunes will be restored’

(pause for personal prayer).

Help us …

to experience your gifts and believe that we are worthy.

Strengthen us …

to give in return and offer what the world needs most –

our very selves.

Push us …

to trust in a future filled with goodness even when our imaginations are limited.

We pray for your grace in the name of the Christ. Amen.

(The second Lenten Candle is extinguished)

Assurance of Pardon

We Hear the Word of God

Time with God’s Children

*Hymn:  MV 104           “Know That God is Good”

Scripture Readings:  

Genesis 1:9-13

Psalm 126 (VU page 850; Refrain #2)

2 Corinthians 9:6-10

Scripture Response:

These are our words from scripture,

May God bless our understanding.  Amen

*Hymn:  MV#53            “God Who Spread the Boundless Prairie”

Reflection (Meditation or Sermon)

*Hymn:   VU#578         “As a Fire is Meant for Burning”

We Respond to God’s Word

Minute for Mission

Call to Offering

MV #191           “What Can I Do”

What can I do?   What can I bring?

            What can I say?  What can I sing?

I’ll sing with joy.          I’ll say a prayer

I’ll bring my love.         I’ll do my share.

Prayer with the Offering:

Take these gifts, O God, as a symbol of our commitment to all of your creation. May they reflect your abundance and what we are called to share, to a world in need of hope and blessings. Amen.

Pastoral Prayer

Prayers of the People

The Lord’s Prayer:

We pray to you who is our mother and our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name.  Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil; for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen.

Going Forth

*Hymn:  VU#420          “Go to the World”

Commissioning and Benediction


Welcome Guests & Visitors

St. Andrew’s United Church is always pleased to welcome our guests & visitors.   After the service, please join us in the Lounge & Court for fellowship & refreshments.




Notes of Thanks

Thank you to everyone who participated in today’s worship service.

Thank you to Joyce Gurnsey for sponsoring this Sundays’ bulletin

“In memory of Al Gurnsey.”

Special Notice:  Please remember, St. Andrew’s United is “Scent-Free”.

Prayer requests for this week from Living Skies Region 4 Office:

International Women’s Day (March 8)

St. Paul’s International (SM) (Estevan,North Portal, Portal, ND, USA)

Saskatoon: St. Paul’s

Shell Lake Partners in Worship (SM)


Attendance:  91

Sunday March 8th to 15th, 2020

Sun. Mar. 8th 10:30a Lent II

St. Andrew’s College Sunday

Worship Service, Sunday School,

Reader: Lisa Veer

Food Bank & UCW Lunch

Tues Mar. 10th   9:00a K J Quilters
Wed Mar. 11th 10:00a Bible Study
  6:30p Choir Practice
Thur. Mar. 12th   2:00p Coffee Time with Rev. Jim-Cancelled
  4:00p Outreach Committee
Fri. Mar. 13th   9:00a Worship meeting
Sat. Mar. 14th 12:30p Affirm Family Fun Day
Sun Mar. 15th 10:30a Lent III

Worship Service, Sunday School

Reader: Cathy Forester

  5:00p Pot Luck & Movie at St. Andrew’s United

Church Internet Information

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Rev. Tom Lowry passed away February 21st, 2020.  He started his ministry at St. Andrew’s United and it was here that he met and married his wife Irene.  Their daughter Deborah sent an email with this message:  “Mom and dad have many, many special memories of their time at St. Andrew’s that they have always held near and dear in their heats.  The good work at St. Andrew’s was a stepping stone to a long and fruitful ministry in which countless people were inspired, supported and led to Christ.  Thank you for your continued faithfulness.”

Verna Grace Riendeau passed away February 20th, 2020.  Verna was a long-time active member of St. Andrew’s United.


Zion’s Village Flea Market – Fri, Mar. 20–1-6 p.m., Sat, Mar. 21–10 a.m. – 3 p.m.  Zion is looking for entries for their upcoming flea market.  Accepting applications:  $25/table or two for $40,

maximum three tables.  Free Admission, collecting food bank items at door.  There will be a Concession & Penny Parade Table.

For more info please contact the church office at 306-692-3842.

The Principal’s Tour              (St. Andrew’s College)

(more information is available from the bulletin board by the kitchen of the Lounge & Court)

The event is being hosted by Zion United Church in Moose Jaw in partnership with St. Andrew’s College starting at 3:00 pm on Friday April 3rd and running through until 3:30 pm on Saturday April 4th.

This learning event is comprised of two parts:

  1. Appreciative Inquiry Workshop (AI) – Time 3pm to 9:00 pm Friday. This workshop is intended to introduce participants to Appreciative Inquiry as a practical philosophy. The intention is to allow participants an opportunity to experience what is life giving about the philosophy and to acquire, refine, or refresh skills that can immediately translate into use, not only in their ministry context, but also in their own faith journey.
  1. Social Media and Evangelism Workshop –

Time 9:30 am to 3:30 pm Saturday. The aim is for participants to recognize social media as a catalyst to (re)explore mission. For further information or to register please contact Tim Ellis by email at or by phone at 306-631-0082.

There is a requirement to read the core text for the event:

Branson, Mark Lau. “Memories, Hopes, and Conversations: Appreciative Inquiry and Congregational Change”. The book can be purchased through Amazon for $34.95.

Regular Lent Services


Mar. 1st

Mar. 8th

Mar. 15th

Mar. 22nd

Mar. 29th

St. Andrew’s United

Minto United

Trinity United

Zion United

Lent I to Lent V

10:30a Sunday Morning Services

Special Events During Lent – All are Welcome!

March 1st

Lent I

Zion United

5:00pm Pot Luck Dinner & Movie

March 8th

Lent II
Sunday March 15th Lent III

 St. Andrew’s United

5:00pm Pot Luck Dinner & Movie
Sunday March 22nd Lent IV

March 29th

Lent V Minto United 5:00pm Pot Luck Dinner & Movie
Thursday April 9th Maundy Thursday St. Andrew’s United 10am Coffee Fellowship

Minto United

Pot Luck  6pm; Service 7pm