April 26 , 2018 Council Minutes

“Treaty People”

We acknowledge that we are Treaty people and that, we are gathered in the traditional territory of Nakota, Lacota and Cree First Nations, an area more recently known as the Larger Area included in Treaty 4.


  1. Call to Order:  Laura Richard called the meeting to order at 7:07pm


  1. Attendance:  Laura Richard, Chair, Rev. Jim Tenford, Minister, Donna Merrifield,             Secretary, Arnold Giddings, Vice-Chair, Arlene Clark, Dale Hall, Diana Humenick,   Vivian J. Meikle, Karen Mundt, Margaret Scott.

Regrets:  Sheila Leahy, Lynann Pethick


  1. 1. Opening Prayer: Vivian Meikle
  2. Laura Richard read “Treaty People”
  3. Rev. Jim’s Time:

Rev. Jim spoke about the meetings with the other United Churches in

Moose Jaw and what the congregation would not want to loose and

what they would leave behind.

Suggestions about what they would not want to lose:

Stained Glass Windows, Affirming designation, Couches,

Quilt Room, Congregation

Suggestions about what they would leave behind:

The stairs and pews

  1. Adoption of Agenda:

Two items were added under New Business

  1. Umoja Drumming Group
  2. Moose Jaw Multicultural renting the social hall from June 28th

to August 28, 2018


Diana Humenick moved the Council adopt the agenda with the additional  two items added under New Business.  Dale Hall seconded the motion.    CARRIED

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Karen Mundt moved the March, 2018 minutes should have “with regret”

The motion now to read:             “Karen Mundt moved to accept the notice from        Moose Jaw Pride, with regret and file the correspondence”.   (The March, 2018 Minutes            have been amended to include “with regret”

Karen Mundt moved the Minutes of March, 2018, with the addition of with regret be             accepted.    Arnold Giddings seconded the motion.                          CARRIED


  1. Correspondence: No correspondence







  1. G. Committee Reports:
  2. Chinook Presbytery – No report
  3. Finance Committee –
  4. Men’s Group – April 17th, 2018 meeting was cancelled.
  5. Minister’s Report – presented at the meeting.  Report attached.
  6. Ministry & Personnel – Arlene Clark spoke – see below for report.
  7. Office Administrator’s – no report
  8. Outreach Committee – Attached to the agenda
  9. Property Committee – See below and the reports attached.
  10. Refugee Committee – See below
  11. UCW & Pastoral Care – Attached to the agenda
  12. Visioning Team – Meeting Sunday, April 29th, 2018 – No Report
  13. Worship Committee – Attached to the agenda
  14. Affirm Committee – Refer to below
  15. Archives – See below
  16. Board of Trustees – Finance report was attached to Agenda.

Further report was presented at Council.


  1. Adoption of Committee Reports

Diana Humenick moved the Committee Reports be adopted.  Vivian Meikle                       seconded the motion.                                                                 CARRIED

  1. Old Business:

The Visioning Committee will determine their requirement, ie. financial budget,       at their meeting Sunday, April 29th, 2018.

  1. New Business:
  2. Community Connections (MJMC); UMOJA: One Heart–One Beat Drum Group

Karen Mundt moved that we offer the use of the Social Hall to Community Connections for this concert at no charge.  Diana Humenick seconded the motion.                                         CARRIED

  1. Moose Jaw Multicultural Council – Summer rental of Social Hall for the Day Care

July and August, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

Dale Hall moved that St. Andrew’s United rent the social hall to Moose Jaw Multicultural from June 28th to August 28th, 2018.

Karen Mundt seconded the motion.

Diana Humenick moved to amend the motion to charge $  per month for the social hall.  Dale Hall seconded the motion.  Karen Mundt agreed to the amendment in the rental fee from $ per month to $  per month.











  1. Commitments for May 2018:


Celebration Box:   Sheila Leahy

Meeting Opening & Closing Prayer:  Sheila Leahy


  1. Closing Prayer: Vivian Meikle – reading from Matthew about faith to move             mountains.   Prayer followed Vivian’s reading.


  1. Adjournment of Meeting

Laura Richard adjourned the Council meeting at 8:30pm



_________________________________________              ___________________________________

Laura Richard, Chair                                                        Donna Merrifield, Secretary




The next Council meeting will be Thursday, May 31st, 2018, 7:00pm

OR at the call of the Chair; and will take place in the Lounge of St. Andrew’s Church.