Council Minutes for April 23, 2017

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                                       Sunday, April 23, 2017

 “Treaty People”

We acknowledge that we are Treaty people and that, we are gathered in the traditional territory of Nakota, Lacota and Cree First Nations, an area more recently known as the Larger Area included in Treaty 4

A.  Call to Order: Marlene McBain l:38 p.m.

Please notify Marlene or Yvonne if unable to attend

Attendance: Marlene McBain (chair). Rev. Jim Tenford, Yvonne Boyle (secretary), Laura Richard (co-chair), Arlene Clark, Arnold Giddings, Diana Humenick, Vivian Meikle, Karen Mundt, Margaret Scott.

Regrets:  Irene Gattinger, Sheila Leahy, Bill Sauter, Dale Hall, Lynann Pethick.

C.      1. Opening Prayer: Karen Mundt

2. Jim’s Time:

(a) Rev. Jim Tenford will be taking the Victoria long week-end off.

(b) The Church Council is to look at the Remits video and will vote at the May 2017 Council Meeting at

(c)  Marlene McBain will receive the Moose Jaw Pride Community Service Award.

D.      Adoption of Agenda: Moved by Arnold Giddings, seconded by Margaret Scott. CARRIED

E.      Minutes of Previous Meeting:

(a)  A correction to the March Agenda New Business Section J. #6 a letter from David Armour Director of Philanthropy should read from St. Andrew’s Pastoral Care.

F.      Correspondence: A motion by Diana Humenick to receive and file the letter from Dustin Hlady. Seconded by Arlene Clark.  CARRIED G.     Committee Reports:

1.   Minister’s Report: (appended page 2017 – 4)

2.   Affirm Committee:  Very pleased that St. Andrew’s United Church Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan has won the Affirm Award for the year of 2017

3   Archives:.

4.   U.C.W.

5.   Pastoral Care:

6.    Men’s Group:  12 people attended the men’s luncheon.  There was no speaker.

7.   Visioning Team:

(a)  Will be placing a sandwich board on the sidewalk to advertise our Church service on Sunday mornings as well as other happenings at the Church.

8.   Trustees:  Diana Humenick reported that she spoke to Arnold Giddings about the books from the St. Andrew’s foundation and he reported they are at the auditor’s, S.N Roy & Associates. There has been no reply at this time.

9.   Outreach:

10.  Ministry & Personnel:  Our caretaker, Hayileab Kiflet, is on a one month vacation to see his mother in Sudan.

11.   Nominations:

12.   Presbytery:

13.   Finance:

(a)  In regards to the revised Ministry and Special Funds budget agreement it was moved by Dale Hall and seconded by Pat Mathieson.  CARRIED. (handout)

14.   Property:

(a)  There was a discussion about securing the Church after hours.  Diana Humenick moved that a charge of $100.00 (one-hundred dollars) per incident be implemented on person who left the building unsecure.  A letter of notification will be sent to all groups of this motion.  Seconded by Vivian Meikle. CARRIED.

(b)  A correction to New Business #4 should read Affirm Certificate not Pride Certificate.

(c)  A motion by Karen Mundt to mount the Affirm Certificate in the Narthex.  Seconded by Laura Richard.  CARRIED.

(d)  The March 2017 Finance Report to Council. (handout)

(e)  In regards to the March 2017 Agenda “Sound area ceiling leak”. Fred Paddock and Arnold Giddings will be consulting a qualified person on the problem and then will get in touch with a roofing company about repairs and cost.

15.    Worship, Music & Faith Formation: Budget for 2017. (handout)

Adoption of Committee Reports: Moved by Vivian Meikle.  Seconded by Arlene Clark

I.    Old Business:

J.   New Business:

(1)  A motion by Diana Humenick that the Moose Jaw MultiCultural Daycare not be allowed to use the Social Hall when the weather is inclement.  Seconded by Arlene Clark.  CARRIED

(2)  The Quilt Guild will be allowed to have a Games Night in the Social Hall.

(3)  A motion by Arnold Giddings that the Property committee write into the Moose Jaw MultiCultural agreement a charge of twelve hundred dollars ($1200.00) per month to rent the Social Hall.  Seconded by Margaret Scott.  CARRIED.

(4)  Vivian Meikle made a motion to receive approval of Lorraine Walker’s User Group Agreement for Sunday afternoon.  Seconded by Diana Humenick.  CARRIED.

(5)  A motion by Diana Humenick to continue using United Church envelopes.  Seconded by Margaret Scott.  CARRIED.

(6)  Margaret Scott made a motion that Church Council request dollars from Trustees for the Worship, Music and Faith Formation Committee Budget.  Seconded by Karen Mundt.  CARRIED.  (Handed out).

(7)  Karen Mundt announced the posters will be ready to put up and asked for help selling tickets for the Scott Woods concert.  Marlene McBain Chair of Council thanked Karen Mundt for the work she has done to bring the Scott Woods Concert to our church for everyone to enjoy.

(8)  A motion by Karen Mundt that we re-start the Interchurch Committee with two representatives from our Church along with Rev. Jim Tenford.  Seconded by Arnold Giddings.  CARRIED.

K       Commitments for Next Month:

  1. Meeting Opening & Closing Prayer: – May 28, 2017 Karen Mundt
  2. Celebration Box:- the month of May 2017 – Karen Mundt
  3. L. Closing Prayer: Karen Mundt
  4. Adjournment of Meeting: Moved by Diana Humenick 3:10 p.m.

The next Council meeting will be in the Lounge of St. Andrew’s Church or at the call of the Chair.

Sunday, May 28, 2017 at 1:00 p.m.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.


**Please have reports (written and signed) for Council Agenda to Yvonne by  

  Tuesday, May 16, 2017

 Tuesday, June 13, 2017**


Marlene McBain (Council Chair)                          Yvonne Boyle, (Council Secretary)


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Minister’s report to Council Apr, 2017

As usual, this past month has been rather full:

  • 4 funerals
  • many visits in the hospital and care homes as well as other visits and calls
  • Fred Mathieson and I exchanged pulpits for Palm Sunday so that Zion who is without a minister could have communion as well as a baptism
  • various presbytery tasks including the completion of Trinity United’s Joint Needs report
  • various St. Andrew’s meetings
  • preparation for this month’s Conference Interview Board spring interviews
  • preparation for April’s session of the Lay Worship Leader’s programIt has been a very full month but it’s so good to see that the work of this congregation is paying off – new people are finding their way to our doors, Sunday School is growing, and we’ve received the honour of Moose Jaw Pride’s Community Service Award. Well done all!Submitted by
  • Jim Tenford