Council Minutes May 28, 2017

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May 28, 2017

“Treaty People”

We acknowledge that we are Treaty people and that, we are gathered in the traditional territory of Nakota, Lacota and Cree First Nations, an area more recently known as the Larger Area included in Treaty 4.

A.  Call to Order: Laura Richard (co-chair) 1:00 p.m.

Please notify Marlene McBain or Cathy Forester if unable to attend

B.   Attendance: Marlene McBain (Chair), Rev. Jim Tenford, Cathy Forester (Secretary), Arnold Giddings, Arlene Clark, Diana Humenick, Sheila Leahy, Vivian Meikle, Karen Mundt, Margaret Scott,

Regrets: Irene Gattinger, Bill Sauter1.

C.   1.  Opening Prayer: Karen Mundt

2.   Jim’s Time:

D.    Adoption of Agenda: Adoption of Agenda as amended:  moved by Marlene McBain, seconded by Margaret Scott.  CARRIED

E.    Minutes of Previous Meeting: Moved by Sheila Leahy seconded by Arlene Clark.  CARRIED

F.    Correspondence:

(a)  A motion by Marlene McBain that the letter from Donna Merrifield re: the incident in the office kitchen and an individual from Moose Jaw Pride, be received and filed.  Seconded by Karen Mundt.  CARRIED

(b)  A letter to Council from Laurie Van De Wiele in regards to the use of the kitchen in the social hall.  (appended)

(c)  A report on Tri-Annual Oversight (appended)

G.   Committee Reports:

1.   Affirming Committee:

2.  Archives: A motion by Diana Humenick and seconded by Karen Mundt that the following items be sent to Archives:  (notice appended)

3.  U.C.W. & Pastoral Care:

4.  Men’s Group:

(a)  Nola Aures from Grandmother For Grandmothers was guest speaker

5.   Visioning Team:

(a) An outdoor sign to publicize events at the church has been purchased

            (b) Today is the Canada 150 (one-hundred and fifty) year party.

6.   Trustees:

7.   Outreach:

(a)  The Dinner for new members will be June 8, 2017.

8.   Ministry & Personnel:

(a)  Karen Purdy is taking a leave of absence June 30, 2017  to April 1, 2018.  Donna Merrifield and Hannah Eirich to cover in her absence.

(b)  A motion by Karen Mundt that Hayileab Adhano Kiflet to work two (2) more hours per day cleaning lower level of church. Seconded by Arnold Giddings.  CARRIED

9.    Nominations:

(a)  Acceptance of Yvonne Boyle’s resignation with regrets.  Cathy Forester ( to take the position of Council Secretary. A card of thanks to be sent to Yvonne Boyle

10.    Presbytery:

11.    Finance:

12.    Property:

13.    Worship, Music & Faith Formation:

14.    Minister’s Report:

(a)  A motion by Vivan Meikle that a refugee committee be formed.  Seconded by Sheila Leahy.  CARRIED.  Sheila Leahy and Laura Richard have volunteered to serve.  Rev. Jim Tenford will do a minute speak to ask for others.

H.   Adoption of Committee Reports: Moved by Karen Mundt and seconded by Arlene Clark. CARRIED.

I.    Old Business:

J.    New Business:

(a) Moved by Marlene McBain and seconded by Sheila Leahy that the Square Meal be held September 28th, 2017.  Council will organize. CARRIED

(b)  Changes made to committee meeting sheet. (appended)

(c) Moved Sheila Leahy and seconded by Marlene McBain that the Rental policy be revised to state that church has priority for use of all spaces.  Renters may be moved or cancelled.  CARRIED

(d) Remits 1.  CARRIED with K Mundt asking for her opposition vote to be recorded

2, 3, 4 CARRIED


(e) Oversight report to be received and filed.  Any suggestions for changes to be sent to J Tenford.

(f) Moved by Diana Humenick and seconded by Vivian Meikle that minutes should include correspondence and committee reports.  CARRIED.

K        Commitments for Next Month:

1.  Meeting Opening & Closing Prayer: – June 21, 2017 – Laura Richard

2.  Celebration Box:- June 2017 – Sheila Leahy

L.     Closing Prayer:

M.     Adjournment of Meeting

The next Council meeting will be Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at seven p.m. (7:00 p.m.) in the Lounge of St. Andrew’s Church or at the call of the Chair.


**Please have reports (written and signed) for Council Agenda to Cathy Forester by Tuesday, June 13, 2017**


Marlene McBain (Council Chair)                          Yvonne Boyle, (Council Secretary)




St. Andrew’s United Church – Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

May 17, 2017

By Geri Ball and Wendy Gibson

The visitation team met with minister Jim Tenford over supper and then met with 11 members of the congregation in the evening. In attendance were representatives from various council positions including the co-chairs as well as from the M&P committee, the Men’s group, the UCW, worship committee and the presbytery delegate. (See list at end of report)

The meeting was opened and closed with prayer by Wendy Gibson, everyone introduced themselves and signed in indicating which committee and/or position they held within the church. Discussion was informal and everyone was very forthcoming with both the joys and concerns they hold.


  • They are very pleased with the decision they recently made to become an Affirming Congregation after much work and discussion.
  • There has recently been a small increase in new young families attending and thus the Sunday School is growing and in fact is needing more teachers.
  • Sunday worship is enhanced by a choir and the leadership of Jim Tenford has guided the congregation to some changes. They appreciate Jim’s laid back style and that his sermons leave people with things to consider and discuss but doesn’t give all the answers. A sound man is available each week and records attendance which currently averages about 80.
  • Children are welcomed to the services and couches have been placed at the back of the sanctuary for the use of young families and others. Jim is often followed around the church during service by children. Some children have been included in serving communion.
  • Special services mentioned included Camping Sunday and Christmas Eve communion service. As well there are some services shared with other United Churches in the city.
  • A weekly Bible study group meets as well as a separate Lenten Study, which includes many of the same people as well as others and this year a book club has been meeting.
  • A very active UCW has been a big part of “keeping the church going.”
  • A Visioning Team has been formed to look at the future – it will look for further opportunities to work with the Moose Jaw Multi-Cultural Society (which rents space in the building) and to look at possibilities for worship such as live-streaming services to others.
  • A Men’s group meets monthly over a meal served by the UCW. They are joined by men from the other United churches in the city.
  • The church maintains a web-site where their Mission Statement, Welcoming Statement and Vision Statement can all be found along with other interesting information. Page 2017 – 6
  • The congregation maintains an active presence in Chinook Presbytery with delegates attending meetings as well as being involved in conference and having attended General Council. At present Jim is the chair of Chinook Presbytery.
  • A very hard-working property committee maintains the building in good repair. As the building is very large and getting older there have been some issues with a leaky roof and bats in the tower which are difficult and expensive to address. They redid bathrooms last summer. A chair lift has been installed with financial assistance from the UCW and a defibrillator is on the premises. MINISTRY PERSONNEL:
  • Jim Tenford, the current minister is three-quarter time but is up-front in saying he probably does more than that due to work within presbytery and conference. However, in saying this, he acknowledged that it means that members of the congregation have taken on leadership roles to fill gaps. It should be mentioned that when Jim began his call here, it was a half-time position and the church has been able to boost it to the current ¾ time.
  • Jim has not done a lot in continuing education this year but does a lot of reading and plans to attend Rejuvenation in June.
  • Monday and Tuesday are Jim’ usual days off as he finds that Saturday is often taken up with weddings or funerals.
  • The ministers from the Moose Jaw United churches meet to talk and offer support for one another.
  • Jim personally finds relaxation in working with Habitat for Humanity and in doing wood-working.
  • Pastoral care is done with the help of a pastoral care team. Jim describes his contribution as “limited to emergency” however the council give him a lot of credit for the visiting he does. The council is working on gathering names of those needing pastoral care so that no one is left out.
  • Overall, Jim is happy with the slow but promising growth in the congregation – both number-wise and in the openness to change as evidenced in becoming an Affirming Congregation.OUTREACH:
    • St. Andrew’s has been very active in many areas of outreach in the past and continues to be.
    • Currently the congregation is supporting a Syrian refugee, Bashbar, who is living in Moose Jaw and volunteers at the Multi-cultural Society. Other refugees have been supported in the past.
    • Working with various agencies in the city such as Mental Health, Social Services and the Seniors High Rise Apartments, a potluck supper, Square Meal, is served in September. As well, a free Christmas dinner, called The Christmas Inn, is prepared and served by volunteers each year on Christmas Day to a large number of people, many of whom would be alone that day.
    • Women in the church have been invited for lunch or coffee by the women in the Multi-cultural society which rents offices and space in the church building.
    •                                                                                                                         Page 2017 – 7
    • The bulletin for each Sunday as well as selected sermons are available on the website for those unable to attend worship.
    • The doors of the church are open for rental to groups doing such things as Yoga, Zumba, Tai Chi, AA, Boy Scouts, quilting and singing bowls. In order to accommodate some of these activities, the pews were removed from the chapel to create a multi-purpose space.
  • Minute for Mission is read each week at worship and members give generously to the Mission and Service Fund.
  • Moose Jaw Pride has recognized St. Andrew’s for the work they have done with the LGBTQ community and as a result the church received the “Lieutenant-Governor’s Community Service Award.” GENERAL COMMENTS:


  •    Concerns:
  • The congregation is feeling the pinch of fewer volunteers as those who have been doing much of the work are aging. Although there has been some growth, volunteers are fewer than needed so many wear several hats.
  • With a large and aging building, a lot of energy goes into fundraising and maintaining the building. Finances are always a concern and the congregation has been fortunate in the past to receive bequests and to be able to rent space especially to the Multi-cultural Society which has permanent offices there.
  • There is a feeling that, as a congregation, they need to find a mission so that they are not merely a social club.
  •    Joys:
  • There is a “good feeling” in the church which was mentioned by both Jim and the lay people we met with. *I, Wendy, was on the visitation team for the last oversight visit and I felt that there is a more positive attitude among those we met this time and some exciting things are happening.*
  • Members expressed positivity, a friendly atmosphere that is inclusive and that no groups are working against another.
  • The lay members are appreciative of Jim’s energetic, kind and positive attitude he brings.
  • Worshipping in community was felt to be a very important part of their life as a congregation. CONCLUSION:
  • Page 2017 – 8
  •    It is obvious that the members as well as Jim feel very positive about many of the things happening in the congregation. They are not letting their concerns overshadow their sense of community and the worship and work they do. It was a pleasure to meet with all of them and to hear the story of their faith community.

Name                                                                           Committee Arlene Clark                                                               UCW, Finance, Trustee

Bev Diebert                                                                 Visioning Team

Dale McBain                                                               M&P

Marlene McBain                                                         Co-Chair of Council

Laura Richard                                                            Co-Chair of Council

Brian Leahy                                                                 Finance, Vision, Affirm

Sheila Leahy                                                                Chair of worship, UCW, Choir Affirm

Karen Mundt                                                               Pres. Rep, Nominations, M&P, Vision

Diana Humerick                                                          Archives, Trustee

Arnold Giddings                                                         Property, M&P, Vision

Bill Sauter                                                                   Men’s Group


Minister’s Report May ’17 

As usual, the past month has been very full but recently, what has been filling much of my time is visiting people who’ve been in hospital/rehab and funerals.

One area where I feel we should increase our effort is in work with helping refugees. We are getting requests for sponsorship and while this work is incredibly valuable, it should be centered outside of my office – this work will go on far longer than my tenure at St. Andrew’s!  I strongly recommend a committee be formed to manage current efforts and review options for the future.

I am pleased that Tim Ellis is going to be the new minister serving Zion United. Tim and I have a long history of friendship and working together so our hope is that we can extend this relationship into our two congregations.


Submitted by

Jim Tenford


Minutes for May Council Meeting May 28, 2017


UCW Mary Slessor Unit 1935-1944


St Andrews Social Group 1936-39, 1940-43, 1944-52, 1952-55, 1956-58,  1959-60, 1968


St Andrews Financial Statement 1935


Financial 2009, 2010, 2011

Bequests prior to 1990


Biography of Eleanor Cox

UCW correspondence 1956

Cookbook (undated)

File of newspaper clippings

St Andrews UCW History 1962-1992

Committee of Forty Rebuilding 1964


St. Andrew’s United Committee Information







Name of Committee

Chair/Rep Meeting Day Meeting Time Meeting Room
Affirm Committee Jim Tenford Varies Jim’s office
Archives Diana Humenick n/a n/a Archives/Office
Church Council Marlene McBain Various      1:30pm Lounge & Court
Laura Richard or 7:00pm
Communications Yvonne Boyle n/a n/a n/a
Finance Arlene Clark 2nd Friday      1:30pm Office Lunchroom
Ministry & Personnel Karen Mundt Call of chair
Nominations Karen Mundt Call of chair
Outreach Irene Gattinger 2nd Thursday 11:30am Lounge & Court
Pastoral Care Vivian Meikle n/a
Property Members 2nd Tuesday 10:00am Lounge & Court
Trustees Betty Collicott Quarterly Chapel
UCW Group Leaders 1st Wednesday 2:00pm Lounge & Court
Vision Team Karen Mundt Varies Jim’s office
Worship, Music, Faith Formation Sheila Leahy Last Friday 10:30am Chapel