December 22,2017 Council Minutes


“Treaty People”      We acknowledge that we are Treaty people and that, we are gathered in the traditional territory of Nakota, Lacota and Cree First Nations, an area more recently known as the Large Area included in Treaty 4.


A. Call to Order:

The Council meeting was called to order by Chair Laura Richard December 21st, 2017 at 7:01pm.

B. Attendance:        Laura Richard, Chair, Rev. Jim Tenford, Donna Merrifield,

Arnold Giddings, Sheila Leahy, Karen Mundt, Lynann Pethick, Diana Humenick, Brian Leahy (Finance)

Regrets:  Arlene Clark, Dale Hall, Vivian Meikle and Margaret Scott

C. 1. Opening Prayer – Sheila Leahy
2. Rev. Jim’s Time – Jim will speak during his report and will comment on matters brought up in the report section.
D. Adoption of Agenda:  Karen Mundt moved the Agenda be accepted.  Diana Humenick Seconded the motion.                                 Motion Carried
E. Minutes of Previous Meeting
1. Karen Mundt stated that, “In Camera” be added to the beginning of the Ministry and Personnel Report and “Out of Camera” at the end of the report period, be included in the Minutes of November 23rd, 2017.
2. Diana Humenick moved the Minutes of the November 23rd, 2017 meeting be adopted with the inclusion of the “In Camera”.  Laura Richard seconded the motion.                                                                      Motion Carried
F. Correspondence
1. Clusters and Networks – Remit No. 1 United Church of Canada.

Karen Mundt expressed concerns about “Clusters & Networks”

Rev. Jim gave an explanation of the Clusters and Networks and the changes that will take place.  Clusters are to be informal or formal groups of churches.  Chinook Presbytery is working on whether “Clusters” will happen.  Churches may pay into a fund so that there is money available for projects etc.  Networks are not geographic but rather ministry based.  For example, a Christian Education Network would be a group of Worship Christian Education Chairs working together.

Leadership of the Clusters and Networks is not sure at this point.  More leeway will be given to Churches to assist them in their working together.

Karen Mundt moved the letter regarding Clusters and Networks – Remit 1 be received and filed.  Arnold Giddings seconded the motion.

Motion Carried

G. Committee Reports
1. Archives – No Report
2. Men’s Group – there was no get together in December, 2017
3. Ministry and Personnel:   Gerald Usher has been given notice effective January 19th, 2017.
4. Nominations – Rev. Jim reported that Donna Merrifield is not allowed to be secretary of the Church Council as she is not a member of St. Andrew’s United Church, however, a special dispensation will be asked for so that she can continue in this role.
5. Outreach Committee – There was no meeting in December, 2017.  The next meeting will be in February, 2018.  Lynann Pethick will meet with Rev. Jim to discuss the future of this committee.
6. Chinook Presbytery Report – no report
7. Property Committee – A letter is to be sent to Sanitoreal Brilliant Cleaners to let them know St. Andrew’s United will not be hiring them as per their quote.  The contractor who provided a quote to paint the Chapel cannot be reached so this work will be given to another contractor to be hired after some research.

Brian Leahy raised the question about replacing the toilets with low flush toilets due to the increase in water costs.  Arnold explained they were able to install a valve which governs water flow.


8. Trustees Report given by Diana Humenick at the meeting.

The Trustees of St. Andrew’s United met with Arnold Giddings of the

St. Andrew’s Foundation and Sheila Roy of Roy & Associates concerning the matter of the winding up of the Foundation.  It was determined at the meeting that St. Andrew’s United will receive all remaining funds of the Foundation and these funds would be deposited in the St. Andrew’s Trustees account and managed by the Trustees.  A deposit slip will be prepared so that when the funds are received from the Foundation the money can be deposited into the Trustees bank account.  Karen Mundt commended the Foundation on their decision to give the funds to

St. Andrew’s United.

9. UCW & Pastoral Care – Report attached to agenda
10. Visioning Team Report – Karen Mundt reported that the event at Bobby’s was highly successful and everyone had a lot of fun.  The Visioning Team will meet in January, 2018.

Rev. Jim has booked January 27th, 2018 as a Brunch and Slide show with Minto United.  Jim and Jen will present their slides of the Galapagos Island and Minto United will prepare the Brunch.  Minto United is looking into starting a Visioning Team.




G. Committee Reports continued
11. Worship, Music, Faith Formation – Sheila Leahy added that everything is ready for the Christmas Eve services.

Regarding the Chapel piano – Karen Purdy and Sheila Leahy will handle this.  Diana Humenick mentioned that possibly they would donate the piano to the school for their music program.

12. Finance Report – Brian Leahy moved to add the Chinook Presbytery Fee invoice to the agenda.  Sheila Leahy seconded the motion

Chinook Presbytery will be paid quarterly in 2018.  Karen Mundt moved the Trustees pay the full amount of the invoice,$  to the Church.  Sheila Leahy seconded the motion.                                       Motion Carried

When the Funds are received from the Board of Trustees the money will be held in the designated account.

Brian Leahy spoke to the month end finance report for November, 2017.

Karen Mundt reported that the Church made $  from the Scott Woods concert in November.  Karen Mundt moved St. Andrew’s United donate $  to the Refugee fund.   Diana Humenick seconded the motion.       Motion Carried

13. Refugee Committee – The Committee will be meeting in January, 2018

Rev. Jim reported on the latest regarding Bashar Yousseff

Bashar has:

Ø  passed his driver’s test

Ø  has a job as a teacher’s assistant and is applying for work in various places

Ø  improved greatly in English

Bashar’s qualifications are still in limbo.  His bachelor degree has been accepted but his Masters’ degree is not being accepted at this point in time.

14. Square Meal – no report
15. Affirm Committee – There will be a meeting in January, 2018

Dale Hall is looking into purchasing decals.  A flag or banner will be hung on the East wall of the Sanctuary.

16. Minister’s Report – Attached

Rev. Jim reported on other items throughout the meeting.

H. Adoption of the Committee Reports

It was moved by Karen Mundt that the reports be adopted.  Laura Richard seconded the motion.                                                                              Motion Carried






I. Old Business:

Chair Lift – Karen Mundt stated that more people need to be trained and more keys made available.  Brian Leahy will show people how to operate the chair lift

J. New Business:   Rev. Jim was interviewed by Rob Carney of CHAB this date at 12:20pm
K. Commitments for January, 2018
Celebration Box Lynann Pethick
Meeting Opening & Closing Prayer Lynann Pethick
L. December, 2017 Closing Prayer Sheila Leahy
M. Adjournment of Meeting Laura Richard adjourned the meeting at 8:20pm


Next Church Council meeting:     Thursday, January 25th, 2018 at 7:00pm.

Lounge and Court


Committee Reports are due by Thursday, January 18th, 2018.



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Laura Richard, Chair                                                Donna Merrifield, Secretary