January 25 , 2018 Council Minutes

A. Call to Order:
  The Meeting was called to order by Chair, Laura Richard on January 25th, 2018 at 7:05pm.
B. Attendance:

Laura Richard, Rev. Jim Tenford, Donna Merrifield, Margaret Scott, Arnold Giddings, Dale Hall, Sheila Leahy, Lynne Ann Pethick, Arlene Clark, Vivian J. Meikle.

Regrets:   Karen Mundt, Diana Humenick

C. 1. Opening Prayer:  Lynne Ann Pethick opened with a reading:

“Flight 2018”

  2. Rev. Jim’s Time:  Passed on to the next item on the Agenda.  He will bring his comments at the end during Minister’s report.
D. Adoption of the Agenda:  Arnold Giddings moved the Agenda be adopted.  Sheila Leahy seconded the motion.                                         Motion Carried
E. Adoption of the Minutes of the previous Council meeting.

Arlene Clark moved the Minutes be accepted.  Sheila Leahy seconded the motion.

 Motion Carried

F. Correspondence:
  1. Letter from The United Church of Canada

The letter provides information regarding the implementation of the Regions that will put into effect.  Rev. Jim said that there will be 14 Regions and the Province of Saskatchewan is No. 4.

Margaret Scott moved the letter be filed as read.  Lynne Ann Pethick seconded the motion.                                                         Motion Carried

  2. Gmail from Della Bartzen.  A copy is attached to the Minutes

The letter discusses “United Churches Conversations”.  Monday, Feb. 4th, 2018 a meeting has been planned for 7:00pm involving three (3) individuals from each United Church in Moose Jaw.  Laura Richard volunteered to be one of those individuals and Rev. Jim suggested that the other two (2) be from the Visioning Team and he will contact the members of the team.

Sheila Leahy moved to send a delegation to the meeting.  Dale Hall Seconded the motion.                                                          Motion Carried

“Treaty People”

We acknowledge that we are Treaty people and that, we are gathered in the traditional

territory of Nakota, Lacota and Cree First Nations, an area more recently known as the

Larger Area included in Treaty 4.




G. Committee Reports:
  1. Affirm Committee:

Dale Hall spoke on his report to Council.  There is a tentative date set for the Affirm Service, Sunday May 27th, 2018.    The report has been attached to the minutes.

  2. Archives:  No report
  3. Men’s Group:  No written report but Sheila Leahy reported there were 12 men in attendance.  They had a roast beef dinner and after had a sing-a-long.
  4. Ministry & Personnel
  5. Nominations Committee:    No report
  6. Outreach Committee:  Lynne Ann Pethick advised the Council that there are three (3) new people who are ready to join the committee.  However, the meeting time will have to change.
  7. Chinook Presbytery:  Rev. Jim reported that there are meetings scheduled which will take place in the next few months ahead.

Rev. Linda Tomlinson-Seebach, Rev. Tim Ellis and Rev. Jim Tenford have already been meeting over coffee and discussing the unification of the Moose Jaw United Churches.

Events have been scheduled and these are:

1.     January 27, 2018 Brunch and A slide presentation – hosted by Minto

United with Rev. Jim and Jennifer Tenford will be showing slides of

Galapagos Island.

2.     United Churches of Moose Jaw Picnic and Service, June 10th in Connor

Park.  This date is also the anniversary of The United Church of Canada.


Presbytery fees for 2018 have been recalculated and an additional amount of $90.00 has been charged.











G. Committee Reports cont’d
  8. Property Committee:

Arnold Giddings reported on the bulbs required for the Sanctuary.  A rough estimate of $ 50,000.00 for converting the electrical and updating lighting in the Sanctuary was given to the committee.  The cost to replace the bulbs in the Sanctuary with incandescent bulbs would be around $2,200.00.  Arnold Giddings will obtain a more definite quote for the updates to Sanctuary electrical.

  9. Trustees – No Report
  10. UCW:  Sheila review the report that was attached to the Agenda.


11. Pastoral Care:  Report attached.  In additional Vivian Meikle reported that Mona Boyle is still in hospital.
  12. Visioning Team:   No Report

Rev. Jim reported on upcoming events:

Ø  January – Slides & Brunch at Minto

Ø  February –  Valentine’s Buffet

Ø  February 4th – Hot chocolate before the service.

Ø  March – Possibly a Pub Night?

  13. Worship, Music, Faith Formation – Sheila added that the April 8th, 2018 service will be the St. Andrew’s College service and Lorne Calvert has said that he would do the whole service.  A bulletin template will be e-mailed to him so he can prepare the service.
  14. Finance Committee:  The budget was discussed.

Sheila Leahy moved to accept the budget as presented.

Lynne Ann Pethick seconded the motion.                                                                          Motion Carried

  15. Christmas Inn:  Arlene Clark read the report.
  16. Minister’s Report:

Ø  Bashar’s family lives in an active war zone and so there are days when Bashar cannot contact them.  He is currently working for the School District.

Ø  Hayileab Kiflet’s cousin – some of the paperwork has been completed.

His family is residing in Israel and there is word that Israel may expel all those who are from Africa.

Ø  United Churches in Moose Jaw and continuing the conversation

Ø  A sad farewell to Bill Anderson

Ø  Coral Howes has passed away.  There was no funeral service.

Ø  Weddings:  February, May and August, 2018




H. Adoption of Committee Reports:

Sheila Leahy moved that the committee reports be accepted.

Arnold Giddings seconded the motion.                                        Motion Carried

I. Old Business:  None


J. New Business:

Ø  Budget and Ministry Fund for 2018

Discussion and motion accepting the Church Budget and Ministry Fund budget were discussed and accepted under the Finance Committee report.


K. Next Council Meeting:   Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 at 7:00pm

The Annual Meeting is scheduled for February 25th, 2018 so there will be no Council Meeting in February, 2018.


  Monthly Commitments:

February, 2018


Celebration Box:   Arnold Giddings



March, 2018



Opening & Closing Meeting:  Karen Mundt

Celebration Box:   Karen Mundt


L. Closing Prayer:  Lynne Ann Pethick read “Irene’s prayer”





Adjournment:     Laura Richard adjourned the Council Meeting at 8:35pm.




_______________________________________     ___________________________________

Laura Richard, Council Chair                           Donna Merrifield, Council Secretary