May 31 , 2018 Council Minutes

“Treaty People”

We acknowledge that we are Treaty people and that, we are gathered in the traditional territory of Nakota, Lacota and Cree First Nations, an area more recently known as the Larger Area included in Treaty 4.


  1. Call to Order:  Laura Richard read “Treaty People” and then called the         meeting to order May 31st, 2018 at 7:05pm.


  1. Attendance:  Laura Richard, Chair, Arnold Giddings, Vice-Chair, Rev. Jim     Tenford, Minister, Donna Merrifield, Secretary, Arlene Clark, Dale Hall,      Diana Humenick, Sheila Leahy, Lynann Pethick, Margaret Scott,

Vivian Meikle.

Regrets:  Karen Mundt


  1. 1. Opening Prayer: Sheila Leahy
  2. Rev. Jim’s Time  – spoke during Committee Reports


  1. Adoption of Agenda:  Arnold Giddings moved the adoption of the   agenda, with Laura Richard seconding the motion.             CARRIED
  2. Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Diana Humenick suggested only the motions be in the minutes of the             Council meetings and no details no included.  Diana Humenick moved to       amend the April, 2018 minutes of the Church Council meeting by   removing discussions.    Dale Hall seconded the motion.                     CARRIED


  1. Correspondence:

The United Church of Canada – “What is a Covenant Hub?”

The correspondence was read by the Council members.  Lynann Pethick    moved the correspondence be marked read and filed.  Sheila Leahy          seconded the motion.                                                                             CARRIED


  1. G. Committee Reports:
  2. Finance Committee – report was attached to agenda.
  3. Men’s Group – no written report
  4. Minister’s Report – Report follows minutes
  5. Ministry & Personnel – no report
  6. Nominations – no report
  7. Outreach Committee – report was attached to agenda,

additional information follows minutes.

  1. Property Committee – report was attached to agenda.

Additional information follows minutes.

  1. Refugee Committee – Nothing to report
  2. C.W. & Pastoral Care – report was attached to agenda.
  3. Visioning Team – No report
  4. Worship Committee – report was attached to agenda
  5. Affirm Committee – Attached
  6. Archives Report – nothing to report
  7. Board of Trustees – nothing to report
  8. Chinook Presbytery – attached to Minutes


  1. Adoption of Committee Reports:

Vivian Meikle moved to accept the reports.  Dale Hall seconded the motion.                                                                                                         CARRIED

  1. Old Business:
  2. From March, 2018 Council Meeting:

Laura Richard mentioned the Visioning Committee be added                          under Ministry Fund.  This will be tabled for the next Council                                            Meeting.   Laura Richard – Tabled until the June 21st, 2018 meeting.

  1. Moose Jaw Multicultural Council Lease to be added to the June, 2018 meeting agenda.
  2. New Business:
  3. Purchase of Chairs & Dollies by St. Andrew’s Trustees. – Diana Humenick withdrew her chair/dolly quotation and will provide Council with an alternative.
  4. Storage space presently utilized by Friday Flows Quilters –

Diana Humenick moved that Friday Flows remove their stored items from the closet in the St. Andrew’s United storage closet.

The motion was seconded by Lynann Pethick.                    CARRIED

The space is required by Archives as all archival material is being moved to the storage closet in the office area of the Church.

  1. Commitments for June 2018:

Sunday Celebration Box:                        Laura Richard

Meeting Opening & Closing Prayer:    Laura Richard

  1. Closing Prayer: Sheila Leahy
  2. Adjournment of Meeting: Laura Richard adjourned the meeting at 8:30pm


The next Council meeting will be June 21st, 2018; 7:00pm OR at the call of the Chair; and will take place in the Lounge of St. Andrew’s Church.


______________________________________                    ______________________________

Laura Richard, Council Chair                                         Donna Merrifield, Secretary