November 23 , 2017 Council Minutes

Chair, Laura Richard read:     “Treaty People”

We acknowledge that we are Treaty people and that, we are gathered in the traditional territory of Nakota, Lacota and Cree First Nations, an area more recently known as the Larger Area included in Treaty 4.


A. Call to Order:     The Council meeting was called to order by Chair, Laura Richard, November 23rd, 2017 at 7:05pm.
B. Attendance:

Laura Richard, Rev. Jim Tenford, Vivian Meikle, Arlene Clark, Karen Mundt, Diana Humenick, Arnold Giddings, Sheila Leahy, Donna Merrifield

  Please notify Chair Laura Richard  or

Secretary, Donna Merrifield,, if you are unable to attend the Council meeting.

  Regrets:  Dale Hall, Lynann Pethick, Margaret Scott
C. 1. Opening Prayer:  Arlene Clark

Arlene read from “Butterfly Messengers”

  2. Rev. Jim’s Time:  Rev. Jim would speak during his report time later in the meeting.
D. Adoption of Agenda
  Karen Mundt moved the acceptance of the agenda with additions of the correspondence from Marlene McBain, Faye Hicks and Providence Place.

The motion was seconded by Sheila Leahy.

E. Minutes of Previous Meeting
  It was Moved by Arnold Giddings and Seconded by Sheila Leahy that the Minutes of the October, 2017 meeting be accepted.
F. Correspondence
  1. Letter from CRA
  2. Shirley Stockton’s letter of Resignation as Chair of the Worship, Music and Faith Formation Chair & Rep. to Church Council
  3. Letter from Moose Jaw Pride – A letter of acknowledgement of their letter and advising them the situation is being dealt with.
  4. Marlene McBain’s letter of Resignation as Co-Chair of Church Council.
  5. Faye Hick’s letter of resignation as “head greeter”
  6. Poster & bulletin insert from Providence Place re “Gift of Presence”

Rev. Jim advised to post their poster and to do a bulletin notice in place of their bulletin insert.  The poster will be placed on the bulletin board beside the Church Office.

  Diana Humenick Moved the correspondence be received and filed.  Laura Richard Seconded the motion.  A letter of acceptance and thanks will be sent to all those who have resigned their positions.


G. Committee Reports
  1. Minister’s Report
  a. Rev. Jim explained the Family Groups plan.  There is a need of 10 to 11 leaders and each family group would do the work of ministry once a year – these areas of ministry would be Ushering, serving Communion, Scripture Reading etc.
    b. Amalgamation of the United Church in Moose Jaw will be the subject of discussions in 2018.  Minto United has voted to close or enter into discussion re amalgamation.
    c. Rev. Jim advised Council that he has now been at St. Andrew’s for five (5) years and is eligible for a three (3) month sabbatical.  He will not be taking this sabbatical until the amalgamation process has been completed
  2. Men’s Group:  Arnold Giddings reported there were 15 men in attendance and they were served Bison on a bun with Apple Crisp for dessert.
  3. Ministry & Personnel:  Caretaking issues were discussed.

Karen Mundt reported they have received a quotation from a commercial cleaner.  The cleaner quoted a price of $  per month.  Security would still be an issue as well as other work need during the evening – plugged toilets/drains.  They would talk with Robin Flegel of MJMC regarding hiring someone. Arnold Giddings advised that he knows of a possible replacement and will advise.

  4. Nominations:  Karen Mundt reported they need people to do the work of the Church.
  5. Outreach Report:  Nothing further
  6. Presbytery Report:  Rev. Jim reported that the restructuring in the United Church of Canada is progressing.  Liz McKenzie of the Conference office has provided information regarding the changes.  There was discussion regarding the savings accrued by Presbytery and where the money would go and it was explained to Council the money designated for certain areas would be kept for those designations and therefore the money would not be lost.












  7. Property:  Arnold Giddings spoke to the report provided with the Agenda

Ø  The backflow is still pending

Ø  Property is waiting for response regarding the roof leaking

Ø  Pool Table – Jim will be in contact with the person who would like to have the pool table

Ø  Lighting in the Lounge will be done – changing to LED

Ø  Security sensors will be placed in more strategic locations.

Ø  Painting:  Only one (1) quote has been received.  Diana Humenick recommended the property committee receive a second (2nd) quote.

Ø  Pump #2 – The seals are leaking.  Arnold Giddings advised that a spare pump and motor would be the best solution here.

Property cont’d

Diana Humenick moved that a spare pump and motor be obtained.  Vivian Meikle seconded the motion.             Motion Carried

  8. Pastoral Care & UCW Reports

Vivian Meikle reported they had received notes of thanks for the cards that were sent.

  9. Visioning Team:  Spoke about the Sing-a-Long that is happening Dec. 12th at Bobby’s.  Rev. Jim will call Tom Coward about playing the drums,

Karen Purdy will play the piano; Jennifer Tenford will play one of her instruments.  The electric piano from the Lounge will be taken to Bobby’s for the event.

  10. Worship, Music, Faith Formation:

Sheila Leahy advised that there would be a meeting tomorrow, Nov. 24th, 2017 at 10am.  Neil Colmin will be the worship leader for the service on January 7th, 2018.

Rev. Jim needs actors for the morning service on Christmas Eve,

December 24th, 2017.

  11. Finance:    Arlene Clark reported to Council the Operating Line amount as of November 23rd, 2017 was $  before payroll was taken out of the operating account.  So far in 2017 there have been no requests for funds from Trustees for Church Operating.  Last year the Church received $ from Trustees so this year has been much better financially.

Arlene Moved the Trustees provide $  towards the Operating Line.  Vivian Meikle seconded the motion.          Motion Carried

  12. Refugee Committee: So far the committee has raised $ 800.00 for the Refugee fund.  Another project to raise funds is the Quilt auction.

The biggest challenge is Bashar Yousseff obtaining his accreditation here in Canada.  There are many obstacles each one coming with a cost.

  13. Square Meal/Christmas Inn:

The Christmas Inn and Square Meal are both projects of the Church Council.  Rev. Jim has informed the Council that he may have a Co-ordinator for the Christmas Inn.

  14. Affirm Committee:

Affirm pins are now available and Dale Hall is checking out obtaining stickers with the Affirm logo.  Two matters that will be discussed at their meeting Friday Nov. 24th, 2017 will be the stickers and Diversity Training.

H. Adoption of Committee Reports:

Karen Mundt adopted the committee reports as read with Diana Humenick seconding the motion.

I. Old Business
  Karen Mundt reported on the Chairs for the Social Hall.  100 padded chairs and dollies to store and move the chairs would cost $ 5,000.00.


J. New Business
  There was no new business brought forward or presented at the Council meeting.
K. Commitments for Next Month
  Celebration Box Arnold Giddings
  Meeting Opening & Closing Sheila Leahy
L. Closing Prayer:   Arlene Clark
M. Adjournment of Meeting:

The Council meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm by Laura Richard

N. The next Council meeting will be Thursday, December 21st, 2017, 7pm

OR at the call of the Chair.

The Council meeting will take place in the Lounge of St. Andrew’s Church.

Please have reports, written & signed or e-mail, for the Council Agenda to Donna Merrifield ( by: Thursday, December 14th, 2017.
If you send your report by e-mail please note the following at the end of your report:
Submitted by:
Date Submitted:



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Laura Richard, Chair, Church Council               Donna Merrifield, Council Secretary