October 19 , 2017 Council Minutes



Opening “Treaty People”

We acknowledge that we are Treaty people and that, we are gathered in the traditional territory of Nakota, Lacota and Cree First Nations, an area more recently known as the Larger Area included in Treaty 4.

A. Call to Order:  The Council meeting was called to order by

Laura Richard, Co-Chair, at 7:10pm.

B. Attendance:  In attendance at the meeting were:

Laura Richard, Co-Chair, Rev. Jim Tenford, Minister,  Arnold Giddings, Arlene Clark, Lynann Pethick, Sheila Leahy, Vivian Meikle, Karen Mundt and Donna Merrifield.


Marlene McBain, Co-Chair, Cathy Forester, Diana Humenick,

Dale Hall, Bill Sauter, Margaret Scott and Betty Collicott.

C. 1.   Opening Prayer:  Karen Mundt
2.   Jim’s Time
D. Adoption of Agenda: The Agenda was adopted with an addition under “J” – Secretary of Council.
E. Minutes of the Last Meeting, September 12th, 2017

Sheila Leahy moved the Minutes be adopt as read.  Arnold Giddings seconded the motion.                     CARRIED

F. Correspondence:

1.     Letter of resignation from Cathy Forester.   Karen Mundt moved the

letter be filed.  Vivien Meikle seconded the motion.


G. Committee Reports:
1. Affirm Committee:  Rev. Jim Tenford

Dale Hall is now the Chair of the committee and Christina Ritchie will be his backup. They are planning “Diversity Training” for Church staff in the New Year.

2. Minister’s Report:  Rev. Jim Tenford

Rev. Jim spoke about possibly having a Senior coffee group which would meet about once a week.  The last weekend of the Licensed Lay Worship Leader (LLWL) session was the weekend of October 15th, 2017.   Rev. Jim has said no to the next LLWL.  Chinook Presbytery has to address the issue of Trinity United not having a Minister and also not wanting the help of Chinook Presbytery.

More working together between the United Churches of Moose Jaw is planned.  There will be a Pulpit exchange between St. Andrew’s and Minto United during the month of November.

Rev. Jim will be away for a reading week Nov.  10th, 2017.

G. 3. Archives:  No Report


G. Committee Reports cont’d
4. Men’s Group: Arnold Giddings

Arnold Giddings advised the Council there were 22 men in attendance at the last gathering Oct. 17th,2017.

Margaret, from Wakamow gave a presentation and talk about the park including the history.

5. Ministry & Personnel:  Karen Mundt reported that

Donna Merrifield will be the next Secretary of Council.

6. Nominations:  Karen Mundt

Karen Mundt will add Cathy Forester to the Visioning Team.

7. Outreach:  Lynann Pethick

The Trade Fair still needs help.  There are 26 Vendors for the Fair.

The Christmas Concert will be December 10th and will follow a pot luck lunch of Sandwiches with beverages.  There will be no hot dishes as the Concert will commence right after the lunch.

8. Chinook Presbytery:  Karen Mundt

Karen Mundt reported that Catherine Christie has returned from her seven (7) year mission work in Korea.  She is available to do Services.

Sandra Fowler went on a Pilgrimage to Kenya.

Maybe the two would each do a presentation.

The South Saskatchewan Chaplaincy is available to any Moose Jaw people who are in hospital in Regina.  A notice should be placed in the bulletin for people to be advised of this should they be admitted to hospital in Regina.

Camp Capernaum funds from the sale of the camp will be shared between Camp Shagabec and Camp Woodboia.

9. Property:  Arnold Giddings gave some highlights from the Property Minutes distributed to the members of Council.

Organ Rectifier:  The organ needs to be played more and Donna Merrifield has agreed to play the organ during the week.

Moose Jaw Pride has requested more space which is required for storage of their supplies and other items.

Storage Space was discussed:

–          The pool table  was discussed.  Rev. Jim Tenford advised the Moose Jaw Multicultural Council (MJMC) has expressed an interest in playing pool.

–          Possibly they would assist in the fixing of the pool table.

Chandelier Bulbs – Superstore has a special on LED bulbs for chandeliers at 0.50 rebate per bulb.  The sale however would be over October 19th, 2017.

-Greg Hope, painting project

– The window painting was not finished

Property cont’d

– As a result the funds that were held back will not be paid to Greg Hope as we have not heard anything from him concerning finishing the work.

– Security Sensor is to be added in the East stairwell leading to the Sanctuary which will help in knowing for certain if the alarm is ringing because of bats flying in the Sanctuary.

– The boiler has been start for the fall and winter months.

– A corkboard will be purchased and installed on the wall beside the Moose Jaw Pride door.  It will be purchased by the Church so that it will remain Church property when Moose Jaw Pride moves to a larger space.

– Lights in the 2nd floor gymnasium need to be replaced and Regal Electric will be asked to quote on switching to LED.

10. Board of Trustees:  No Report
11. UCW and Pastoral Care:  Vivian Meikle

U.C.W.:  Report was attached to the Agenda

Pastoral Care:   Marian McDougall has broken her collar bone.

12. Visioning Team:  Karen Mundt

The next meeting will be held Friday, October 20th at 7:00pm in the Sanctuary.

Scott Woods Christmas Concert will be held November 26th, at 7:00pm.  Volunteers are need to sell tickets and hand posters.

13. Worship, Music, Faith Formation:  Sheila Leahy

The Chalice which is in need of repair.  Sonia McWilliams offered to have the Chalice fixed however  due to the age of the item repairs cannot be done.

St. Andrew’s College Sunday will be April 8th, 2018.  Rev. Lorne Calvert will preach on that Sunday.

Communion Bread will be obtained from the Co-Op and will not have the cherries.

The evening Christmas Eve Service will be held at 8:00pm and the morning service will be at 10:30am.

The Choir is working on some anthems and music for the Christmas Concert.

14. Finance:  Arlene Clark
15. Refugee Committee:  Rev. Jim Tenford

Bashar’s education has been recognized.  He will approach the College of Psychologists for their approval (the last step before he can practice).

Fundraisers are planned:

i.   Hymn Favourites Auction

ii.  Bake Sale table at the Trade Fair

Refugee Committee cont’d

Hayileab’s cousins are in Israel and would he would like

St. Andrew’s United to sponsor them but it will be a long process.


Sheila Leahy moved St. Andrew’s United help sponsor Hayileab’s two (2) cousins from Israel.  Arnold Giddings seconded the motion.

Discussion about this was held.  The difference between “refugee” and “immigrant” was given by Rev. Jim Tenford.

The discussion:

i.     whole congregation being involved in the decision making

about sponsorship of a refugee.

ii.     The balance in the Refugee account is to be included in the

bulletin so the congregation knows how much is in the fund.

iii.     What will happen to Bashar after the sponsorship has ended.

iv.     Hayileab’s cousins – are immigrants and St. Andrew’s would

be the responsible party in sponsorship of the cousins.


16. Square Meal:  A correction to the report – The Host should read the

St. Andrew’s United Church Council and not Outreach & the Visioning Team as the Council took on the planning of the Square Meal.

17. Office Administrator Report:  Donna Merrifield

A motion was presented by Sheila Leahy to accept the rental rates with Lynann Pethick seconding the motion.

The motion included amending the Summary B Social Hall rental rate to $ 250.00.                           Motion CARRIED


i.     Put up a sign above the light switches in the Social Hall stating

the lights must be turned off by the last person to leave.

ii.    Scent free signs need to be made and a notice put into the

bulletin on a weekly basis so people attending St. Andrew’s

United know it is a “Scent Free” Church.

H. Adoption of Committee Reports:

Vivian Meikle moved the Committee Reports be adopted and

Arlene Clark seconded the motion.         CARRIED

I. Old Business:

Karen Mundt gave a short report on her initial investigation into new chairs for the Social Hall.  Uline has sent a catalogue which has their full line of chairs.  The chairs have padded seats and backs and a chair will hold up to 300 lbs.





J. New Business:

i.    District Two – new rental.  There were no objections to renting to this


ii.    Karen Mundt moved Donna Merrifield be the Council Secretary,

and that she would be given 2 hours flex time in lieu of pay for this

position.     Lynann Pethick seconded the motion.


K. Commitments for November, 2017
Ø  Meeting Opening & Closing Laura Richard
Ø  Celebration Box Karen Mundt
L. Closing Prayer:  Karen Mundt, Prayer from “Singing a Song of Faith”
M. Adjournment of Meeting:

The Council Meeting was adjourned by Laura Richard at 9:15pm.




Next Council Meeting Date Thursday, November 23rd, 2017
                                       Time Time:  7:00pm
                                       Room Lounge and Court
Written reports for November, 2017 Agenda are due by November 10th, 2017.

Please e-mail your reports to the Church Office:  st.andrews.mj@sasktel.net




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Laura Richard, – Co-Chair Council                    Donna Merrifield-Acting Secretary