NEWSLETTER #21 – 2019


          I once heard someone from a business background talking about how new ideas make it to market.  It was said that of one-hundred ideas, ten are tried and out of one-hundred tries, only ten are successful.  If my math is correct, that means that in the business world, only one percent of ideas see success.  This reminds me of how I take pictures.  I am no photographer but have taken some really nice photos over the years – is this because of skill?  No, I’m simply playing the odds; if I take enough pictures, one of them is bound to be good.  As the old saying goes, even a stopped clock is correct twice a day.

          How does this apply to our church? For starts, maybe we should offer ourselves a bit of grace when something that we try doesn’t work.  Further, not only should we be gentle with ourselves but maybe even expect or even celebrate when we make a mistake.  Each mistake, after all is one step along the way to that rare great idea.

          This means that the most common commandment in the Bible applies to us and our work: be not afraid!  Too many churches, community organizations, and businesses have died because of people saying, “we tried that in 1946 and it failed,” or “it’ll never work,” or “that’s not the way we do things here.”  Well no, maybe it didn’t work in the past, but maybe it’s an idea that has now come of age!  For example, yes, if we had forms of electronic forms of offering 30 years ago, it would have failed; now, when so many people don’t carry cash, this might be an idea whose time has come.

As we at St. Andrew’s try to navigate this rapidly changing world, what risky ideas should we be trying?  Do you have a great idea that’s ready to be tried?  Have you told anyone?  Maybe there’s a need in our community (inside or outside of the church) that’s not being met.  Maybe we have the people, skills and passion to meet that need.  We’ve done this before: people were alone for Christmas and so we put on a dinner so they could have joy of community on Christmas Day.  When they were just getting started, Moose Jaw Pride was looking for established groups to partner with to gain a foothold in Moose Jaw and we provided that partnership to their benefit and ours.  As the refugee crisis grew, we at St. Andrew’s created what has become a vibrant program of sponsorship and support.

          What’s next?  To find the next steps for our church it’s going to mean taking risks; it’s going to mean that we all have to keep our minds and eyes open to ideas and needs that maybe seem silly, maybe haven’t tried before, or maybe tried but at that time, failed. 

          Maybe it’s time to celebrate failures, bad ideas, and foolish thoughts.  You never know, one of them just might be a great way to further our ministry to our church and Moose Jaw. And if it fails, which by odds it will, we can celebrate God’s grace and forgiveness and try again!

God’s blessings to you all!

Rev. Jim Tenford



          The second annual St. Patrick’s Day Celebration was held on March 18th at Bobby’s Pub. We had St. Andrew’s members, members from other Moose Jaw United churches, members from some of our rural churches and a family who didn’t plan to join us but had a great time anyway. The food was great and the staff was super! Thanks to all involved.                                              

The Canada Day Pub Night at Bobby’s was a great success.  St. Andrew’s members and lots of their friends shared a meal and didn’t have to do the dishes!  The after-dinner sing-along had even Bobby’s regular patrons joining in.  Thanks again to Bobby’s management and staff for great food and service.  Thanks as well to Doug Shepherd for leading the singing and making it so much fun and to St. Andrew’s most famous drummer Tom, our vocal accompanist, Sheila and our spokesperson, Jim for being such an essential part of the evening.  Most of all, thanks to all the people who joined us for an evening of flag waving for Canada.

          Oktoberfest was a great evening for our St. Andrew’s Troup at Bobby’s Place on October 22nd. We had a smaller gathering this time but all seemed to have a great time. Thanks to Jim for all the new tunes in his Karaoke selection. Thanks also to Tom for the electronics setup. The Karaoke singers were super and those of us who like to sing so low that no one can hear us enjoyed the entertainment. 

          December 3rd is the night scheduled for the Christmas Sing-A-Long. Dinner (off the menu) is a little earlier – 5:30 pm and singing starts at 6:30 pm. We hope to have our St. A.’s Band there to accompany the singers. Save the date and be sure to invite your friends!



The Christmas Inn Dinner plans are well underway. November 17th will kick off the advertising and registration for donations, volunteers and guests. Dinner will be at 3:30 pm Christmas Day and we will need lots of help both December 24th and 25th. Watch for the sign-up sheets in November. You can also contact Carol at or call 306-690-8001.                                                                                                                          

Submitted by

Carol Moran

_____________________________________________________________________________   CHURCH MEMBERS CELEBRATE 100TH BIRTHDAY



St. Andrew’s United Church

2019 Report from Office Administration


Dale Domeij                                                   January 13th

Viola Domeij                                                  January 13th

Christine Hill                                                  January 27th

Irene Hood                                                     January 13th

Eric Kempe                                                     January 27th

Emily Kempe                                                  January 27th

Dawn Mckenzie                                             January 13th

Brian Wilkinson                                              January 13th

Aaron (Richie) Snyder                                   June 9th

Angelica Soto Zambrano                            June 9th

Jordan David Fereira Gonzalez                     June 9th

Heather Milligan Stevens                              June 23rd

Jacques Borgeaud                                       July 7th

Tessa Hill Borgeaud                                        July 7th



Kempe, Burleigh Bentum Junior                    January 27th         

Richard,Elizabeth Darcy-Faye                      February 10th

Synder, Aaron (Richie)                                   June 9th

Borgeaud, James Hill                                     July 7th

Sydiaha, Emery Leigh                                     September 8th

Hockley, Vivienne Maxine Ann                      October 27th

Hockley, Sonora Betty Jean                          October 27th

Wilkinson, Brian                                               November 10th       



Name of Deceased                    Date of Death                 Member     

Murray Boyle                    June 8th, 2019

Doris Hall                          August 1st, 2019



Name                                                    Date                                 Minister

Justin Heagy and Laura Richard – June 8th, 2019



          The Outreach Committee has had a very busy year so far. We have completed the following projects:

Maundy Thursday Coffee Party;

Mother’s Day Carnations;

Newcomer Supper;

Square Meal;

Set up Mitten Tree for donations of mittens, toques, scarfs etc.

The Trade Fair.

          December will include the annual Christmas Concert on December 8th and the Christmas Inn on December 25th.

          We thank the many people from St. Andrews congregation who have come forward and helped us with these projects. Your help is very much appreciated and the Committee is always open to New Members.

Respectfully submitted by:

Lynann Pethick (President)



I know you believe

You understand what

You think I said,

But, I am not sure

You realize that what

You heard, is not

What I meant.

Submitted by

Yvonne Boyle



          The Saint Andrew’s United Church bible study group continues to meet in the lounge on Wednesday mornings at 10 am.  We use Seasons of the Spirit as study material.  This has proven to be an excellent resource and is based on the lectionary readings for the week.  Newcomers are always welcome.  The material is gentle enough that no one needs to feel uncomfortable with a lack of biblical knowledge.  We learn new things every week! 

Memebers are –   Arlene Clark; Sandra Fowler; Brian Wilkinson; Karen Mundt; Diane Milton Smith; David Morin; Rev. Jim Tenford; Shirley Petrovicz; Richard Knights; Dorothy Penner; Corny Penner; Dawn-Nica Mathieson; Phil Richard; John Aitken; Fred Mathieson (facilitator),

Missing are – Russ Modeland; Juanita Modeland; and Elaine Rodman.



          The Ministry and Personnel (M & P) Committee acts under the guidelines of The Manual of The United Church of Canada.  The committee functions around three roles, which are the consultative and supportive role, the healthy relationships role, and the supervisory role.  We provide resources and support for the staff and the community of faith with respect to any issue affecting staff of our church, including ministry personnel and lay employees.  The committee works to build positive and trusting relationships between staff and members and adherents of the community of faith.

          If members of the community of faith have praise or concerns about staff, both ministry personnel and lay employees, these can be shared in signed correspondence with the committee.  The issues will be considered confidentially by the M & P Committee, who will recommend action.

          St. Andrew’s United Church is blessed with staff who are committed to their work and we are thankful for this work in our community of faith.

Presently serving on the committee are…

Arlene Clark; Tom Coward; Dale McBain; Karen Mundt;

Arnold Giddings in co-operation with the Property Committee.

Submitted by

Karen Mundt



After the christening of his baby brother in church,

Jason sobbed all the way home in the back seat of the car.

His father asked him three times what was wrong.

Finally, the boy replied,

“The preacher said he wanted us brought up in a Christian

Home, And I wanted to stay with you guys”

Submitted by

Betty Collicott



          It is always very busy around St. Andrew’s Church.   Sadly we have had some funerals.  We have rejoiced in having some weddings, Baptisms (children and adults ), and have welcomed new members.   We were very thankful our Refugee families arrived safe and sound and are doing well.  We are so thankful we have people who are willing to sign up to read scripture, read the Minute for Mission, serve Communion, and do Greeting.  If anyone would like to help out with any of these tasks I usually have the papers to sign up in the Narthex area on a table before you enter the Sanctuary.  If you are interested in serving Communion just let me know and I will add you to my list.     A special thanks to Brian Wilkinson who signed up many times to do greeting.  You are a welcoming presence at St. Andrew’s Church.  We really appreciate everyone who helps out in any way with the work of our committee.  Thanks so much to the members of the Worship Committee.   I appreciate you attending meetings and all of your help. 

          We are blessed to have Reverend Jim Tenford as our Minister for several years now.   His sermons and children’s times are really delightful.   We like his professionalism but also his go with the flow attitude.   He is an asset to our church and we hope he will continue to lead us for many years to come.  Karen Purdy has been our Music Director for many years.  She can play the organ and is very talented on our Grand Piano.  She really makes the piano sing so to speak.  When Karen is away we have another talented pianist Hannah Elich who fills in.  Tom Coward is a delight to hear on his drums.  He helps keep our services lively.  It is wonderful when Jennifer Tenford can play her flute or saxophone from time to time.  The choir continues to lead us in singing the hymns on Sunday mornings and does anthems from time to time.  Jenna Nash is our Choir Director and has been teaching the choir different voice exercises at choir practise.  Choir is educational and also fun.  If anyone is interested in joining the choir just chat with Jenna, or Karen and they will be able to answer any questions you might have.   Everyone is always welcome.   Thank you also to our sound technicians James Szwagierczak and Dale Hall.  Tom Coward is our very experienced sound technician who has taught James and Dale well .   At least one of these guys is at every event when we need someone running  the sound system.   We are very fortunate to have so many talented people at St. Andrew’s Church.  Last but not least thanks so much to my Husband Brian who is always willing to help me wherever and whenever I need a hand. 

Heather Milligan – Stevens is doing a great job with our Sunday school.  When Heather is away or needs an extra hand Marian Meehan or Laura Richard Heagy steps in to help her.  Thanks so much ladies for all you do for our young people.   It is so wonderful seeing the children and hearing all their enthusiastic comments during Reverend Jim’s children’s time.   They are a breath of fresh air in our church.  

Thanks so very much to our Office Administrator Donna Merrifield for all of her help whenever I need some advice or have a question.  I really appreciate your guidance when needed. 

We will soon be entering the Season of Advent (December 1).   It is always a special time at St. Andrew’s with our Sanctuary decorated for Christmas.  We decorated our church after a sandwich lunch on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 24, 2019.  Our Sanctuary looks even more beautiful with our decorated tree.   Some of our Christmas hangings, and our pew bows were made from a few of our talented quilters.   They really add to the love and beauty of the advent season. 

DECEMBER – ADVENT – We hope you will be able to join us for any or all of our Sundays in December as we move through the Advent Season.  

Please also remember our Outreach Committee has the mitten tree up and it is waiting for all those warm mittens, scarves and toques, to fill its branches again this year.   These are donated to schools for the children who come to school without mitts, etc. or for those that happen to lose their mittens, scarf, or toque.   They are very much appreciated by the kids and the schools.  The mitten tree gives the Sanctuary the look of warmth and sharing at this time of year. 

SUNDAY DECEMBER 8, 2019 – WHITE GIFT SUNDAY – Gifts of toys, games, books, (for any children’s age group), or items for their Mom’s will be accepted.  These will be donated to Transition House.   Any non-perishable food items will be accepted and will be donated to the food bank.    

Our CHRISTMAS EVE COMMUNION CANDLELIGHT SERVICE – DECEMBER 24, 2019 – is at 8:00 P.M.   We hope you will join us for this beautiful, heart touching family service. 

Wishing you all Hope, Peace, Love and Joy this holiday season and for the New Year too. 

Respectfully Sheila Leahy (Chair)



          As chair of the St. Andrew’s United Church Council, I want to thank all the committee members, volunteers and staff for their hard work this year. A special thanks to my co-chair Arnold Giddings, our secretary, Bev Diebert and all the committee chairs who donate so much time and energy to our church council and our community. It is truly an honour to serve with you all.

          I highly commend every committee member and volunteer working to make St. Andrews and our community a better place to be. This past year we successfully maintained our traditions while continuing to try new things and expanding both our membership and our outreach to the larger community.  2019 has seen St. Andrew’s congregation grow, our physical assets lovingly maintained, and our commitment to sharing God’s love demonstrated through the many community outreach activities we participate in. St. Andrew’s is home to a number of community activities and celebrations throughout the year and thanks to our tireless UCW, volunteers and church staff everything gets done and no one ever goes hungry. We also have a thriving Sunday school with special thanks to Heather Milligan for all her work keeping the children entertained and engaged in God’s work.  I am excited to say that I believe 2020 is going to be a big year for St Andrew’s. With amalgamation discussion at a standstill, it is apparent that St. Andrew’s is going to move forward on our own. Luckily trailblazing is something this congregation does very well! Rev. Jim and council have some exciting changes coming to the way we manage church committees and provide leadership. My wish for the year ahead is for renewed excitement in our faith and in our work. St. Andrews is an incredibly special place, made so by incredibly special people and it is time to spread the word to the wider community and with open arms, accept and take pleasure in the road before us. My final thanks is to our congregational family who’s constant support of each other and our community gives me such hope for the future of this church and of course thanks to our fearless Rev. Jim Tenford who’s enthusiasm and guidance opens us to new ideas, renewed mission and new possibilities.

          Thank you for allowing me to be part of this church family and its Christian work.

Submitted by

Laura Richard, Chair  



          Another busy year for the volunteers of Property.  We thank you all so much for your time and work done.

          We called in some outside help as well, Johnson Control and C&E Plumbing to adjust some of the Technical Equipment.

          Our annual City of Moose Jaw Fire Inspection was done to insure that everything is up-to-date.

          Winter snow clearing is contracted out to All Star Yard Care who will clear the sidewalks and parking lot. 

          A team of our committee assessed the roof for leaks and decided that the problem was damage done many years ago and the wear and tear will be repaired from the inside.

Thank you again to the Property Committee and members for their commitment to maintaining St. Andrew’s Church and providing security when needed.

          Committee members are Arnold Giddings, Fred Paddock, Lindsey Clark, Dale Domjei and Vivian Brailean.

Submitted by

Arnold Giddings


KJ Quilters

          Our small group meets every Tuesday morning for quilting, conversation and of course coffee and goodies.

          Some of us hand quilt while Karen Mundt keeps her sewing machine whirring along. This fall we were boogying to “Leftover Blues”, a quilt that Karen had pieces from her leftover blue fabric. To keep the momentum going we are now hand quilting “Movement in Squares”-a quilt pieced by Cathy Forester in cheery Christmas fabric.

          Mark the date of February 4, 2020 on your calendar because that is the day of our biennial quilt show which takes place in the sanctuary. Minto Church quilters will be co-hosting this event.

          Recently we were invited to a time of visiting and coffee with the Minto Quilters.

          We are missing Carole Parker who with her husband Steve moved to Saskatoon to be close to family.

          Come and join us to stitch or drop in for a visit and coffee.

Submitted by Joyce Gurnsey



         I don’t care if you’re young, healthy, unmarried, unemployed, no kids and/or no money; or if you are the exact opposite.

         We are all going to be incapacitated and/or die.  Someone is going to be left to pick up the pieces.  Don’t make their job even harder

         Get your affairs in order.  Do you have a health care directive, a power of attorney and a will?  If yes, have you looked at them lately to see if they still reflect your wishes?  If no, do you know what to do?  I certainly am not a lawyer but I have spent a lot of time thinking of this and would be happy to share a template for a power of attorney and health care directive.  You can even hand write your will. (I don’t recommend it but if money is an issue, it is an option.) Talk to your family.  Tell them what you want.  Make sure someone has your power of attorney.  Do you want to be kept alive at all costs, or do you want to limit your care?  Do you want to access Physician assisted death, do you want to be an organ donor?  If that’s too hard a conversation just write it all down and leave it someplace that it is accessible. Give a copy to a trusted friend and your doctor.  (I have my health care directive on the front of my fridge.)  Don’t make your family argue or guess as to what your wishes were.  Taking care of these issues is the ultimate gift of love.

Submitted by

Diana Humenick



          Another year is quickly slipping by and the UCW ladies keep busy catering to funeral receptions and various other teas and lunches.  This year we opted out of holding our Annual Beef Supper but will be held on April 3, 2020.

          Birthday cards are regularly sent to our octogenarians as well as other cards to our congregants as indicated.  If any “young” 80 year olds would like to receive a birthday card, please phone Anna at 306-692-5803.

          We provide lunch (8 months each year) to the “Men’s Group” which includes men from other United Churches.

          We continue to provide coffee after our Sunday morning service with one Sunday a month designated as “sandwich Sunday”.  This coffee time is good socialization for all.

          This year we have been able to donate $14,000.00 to St. Andrews Church.

          Our annual December lunch will be held at the Heritage Inn on Thursday, December 5, 2019 at 1:30 a.m.  All ladies are welcome to join us.

          December 8th is our Christmas Concert and we will be serving “hot dogs” prior to the concert.

          We are always grateful for the support of our congregation and a special thanks to Donna and Rev. Jim for their encouragement and suggestions.

          We wish everyone a Blessed Christmas and a new year filled with Peace, Love and Joy.

Submitted by

Secretary UCW – Anna Clark.