About the Church

In the heart of downtown Moose Jaw, St. Andrew’s United Church welcomes you to our Sunday worship at 10:30 or one of the many other events that happen throughout the week.

Don’t let the grand style of our church building fool you; Sunday morning is more friendly than formal. You don’t need to dress in your finest, or have the Bible memorized. You don’t have to hold a rock solid faith or have all the answers – we’ll work on this together. We also tend to like keeping things simple; in the noise and rush of the rest of the week, Sunday at St. Andrew’s is a true sanctuary. We can find peace in moments of silence, wisdom in the Bible and thoughtful reflection, and joy in beautiful music. Then again, it’s also important to share in laughter, good food, and thankfulness for God’s blessings!

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Mission Statement

St. Andrew’s United Church is a progressive worshipping community dedicated to spiritual growth, caring and inclusivity, providing outreach to the community and the world.

Welcoming statement:
We believe all people are God’s children. We welcome all who wish to follow the Way of Christ to fully participate in all aspects of our life and work regardless of age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, economic circumstances, or differing abilities. We will work to counter injustice which violates a person’s right to respect, dignity, and fair treatment.

Vision Statement

St. Andrew’s United Church aspires to be a faithful, inclusive, caring, justice-seeking, welcoming community which is open to change; honours differences and works together like a harmonious chord; encourages sharing our gifts; and leads to spiritual growth and to being living followers of Jesus Christ.