Called To Unity, Not Uniformity

Ephesians 4:1-16 Instructions for the church on how to build up the Body of Christ Reflection If you were to go to South Turkey, you might see a few ruins of a once great city.  You’ll see a city that used to lie on the shores of the Mediterranean but is now several k.m. of … Read more

Want to stay on the winning side?

Mark 9:2-9 Do you wish faith was a sure thing? Do you wish that you could prove to yourself and the world that God, as you understand, is absolutely real and unquestionable? Do you wish you had total understanding of of the Bible and all that it means? When I went to University to get … Read more


Scripture Mark 1: 14-20 Reflection Have you ever had a job that was terrible?  Something that you either didn’t want to do or were completely unsuited for?  I’ve had a few over the years.  It’s not really that they were bad jobs in themselves, it’s just that I wasn’t the person to do them.  I … Read more

Enter The Gates Of Heaven!

Matthew 25:31–46 Maybe you remember from high school English class the idea of literary themes. In any story, including in the Bible, there’s always a conflict. There’s human vs. Human – maybe Jesus and the temple authorities would be an example. There’s human vs. Self such as Saul’s conversion to Paul on the road to … Read more

Water Walkers

Matthew 14:22-33 Reflection We’d been out on the lakes for a few days and loving it.  We were canoeing through the Bowron Lakes of B.C., a chain of 12 lakes that is very popular with paddlers from around the world.  We were on the largest lake, Issac, when something changed.  You could feel it.  All … Read more

What Do You Want Said?

Reading: John 17:1-11 Reflection Back when I was in school, I was taught the same essay structure that most everyone who goes  to university is taught.  First you have your opening where you point out what it is you hope to show in the essay.  Then you have the main body where you go through … Read more

The Legend of the Rainbow Feet

A long long time ago there was a girl who had the most amazing birthmark.  It was on her feet and it looked like a rainbow.  It started on her toes, then wrapped around and swirled until it faded out at her ankles.  She loved her birthmark and she walked around the house barefoot whenever … Read more

All Are Welcome (and we mean all!)

James 2:1-8 Luke 14:12-14 Reflection A while ago, I was poking around in my office and I came across an envelope I didn’t recognize – it’s a big office. Inside was a pile of pieces of paper with ideas for St. Andrew’s. It was interesting to look through the stack. There were of course, lots … Read more

Called To Be Poor In Spirit

Matthew 5:1–12  Reflection Back when I lived in Vancouver, I used to work in community support, working to re-integrate people who had previously lived in institutions like Valley View.  There was one young man that I would pick up at 9:00 every morning but he was never ready.  I’d end up waiting for 15 minutes … Read more

Joseph’s Story

Matthew 1:18-25 Reflection My father always promised me, “Joseph, I’m going to get you a good wife.  She’ll be able to have lots of children, cook well and will do nothing to threaten your honour.”  I had no doubt that he was sincere, after all, it was in his best interest as well that a … Read more