The Law of Neighbourliness

Matthew 5:21–37 Reflection Preaching is a dangerous business.  Politeness informs us that we shouldn’t talk religion and politics in public but if we’re going to talk about Jesus, as all Christian churches should, his teachings are almost always religious and very political.  It’s also very risky because in any church, the preacher is not the … Read more


Matthew 5:1–12  I used to love teaching.  For many years I was a classroom assistant and so I was really only there to see to the needs of a few individual children but every once in a while, I’d be in a classroom where the teacher would generously let me teach a portion of the … Read more

You Are Salt. You Are Light

Scripture Reading Matthew 5: 13-20 Reflection As many of you might know, I am both a fan of religion and science.  If I didn’t study theology in university (and I was a tad better at math), I would have studied science.  They both ask important questions about the nature of the world and our place … Read more

Living into God’s love!

Matthew 3:13-17 Reflection Describing God is hard.  How do you accurately describe the foundation of all being, the beginning and the end, the spark of creation, the source of wisdom and love.  Monty Python had a prayer in one of their movies, “Oh God, you are so big, so very huge, gosh, we’re all impressed … Read more

Do you know their story?

Scripture Reading Luke 18: 9-14 The parable of the pharisee and tax collector Reflection I don’t know about you but one of the places where I’m at my worst in is the grocery store checkout line.  While I try so very hard to resist, I sometimes can’t quite help comparing what’s on the belt in … Read more

Being a Complete Nag!

Luke 18:1–8 Reflection Do you spend time each day praying?  I’m not going to ask for a show of hands since guilt is something I’ve found to be unhelpful when trying to establish a routine.  I used to dread going to the dentist because I knew someone was going to ask me how often I … Read more

Overwhelming Abundance!

John 2:1-11 Reflection Recently I was having a conversation with some friends who come from a different country.  Their comment, what they’ve learned about Canadians, is that we have absolutely no idea how fortunate we are to live here.  Sure, we’ve got our problems but compared to other places, we’ve got it so good.  Yes, … Read more

Called To Unity, Not Uniformity

Ephesians 4:1-16 Instructions for the church on how to build up the Body of Christ Reflection If you were to go to South Turkey, you might see a few ruins of a once great city.  You’ll see a city that used to lie on the shores of the Mediterranean but is now several k.m. of … Read more

Want to stay on the winning side?

Mark 9:2-9 Do you wish faith was a sure thing? Do you wish that you could prove to yourself and the world that God, as you understand, is absolutely real and unquestionable? Do you wish you had total understanding of of the Bible and all that it means? When I went to University to get … Read more


Scripture Mark 1: 14-20 Reflection Have you ever had a job that was terrible?  Something that you either didn’t want to do or were completely unsuited for?  I’ve had a few over the years.  It’s not really that they were bad jobs in themselves, it’s just that I wasn’t the person to do them.  I … Read more